Off-road helmet

  • The Airoh Aviator Ace 2 is a new off-road helmet that has been refined inside and out, with new styling and improved safety technology.
  • It is compliant to the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard and features a new composite carbon shell.
  • The Aviator Ace 2 has a comprehensive ventilation system to keep riders nice and cool when exploring the wilderness.
  • It also has a hypoallergenic treatment on the cheek pads and inner linings, which can be easily removed and washed for extended service life.
  • The Aviator Ace 2 weighs in at about 1,250 grams, give or take 50 grams depending on the size. This makes it one of the more lightweight offerings on the market, reducing fatigue on longer rides.
  • It takes the form of a sporty enduro-style helmet and is complemented by a wide assortment of colours and graphics.
  • The price of the Airoh Aviator Ace 2 is 399.99 euros, or approximately $423 USD.


The Airoh Aviator Ace 2 is a compelling addition to the world of off-road helmets, catering to the needs and desires of adventure and off-road riders. Designed with a focus on both safety and connectivity, this helmet offers a range of features that make it a standout choice for those who seek the thrill of exploring beyond the beaten path.

Here are some key features and details about this helmet:

ECE 22.06 safety standard

  • Safety: The Aviator Ace 2 is compliant with the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard. It features a composite carbon shell that is lightweight yet durable, designed to effectively absorb and dissipate impacts. The helmet is available in two shell sizes spread across five different helmet sizes to ensure a good fit.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: A notable feature is its compatibility with a Bluetooth communication system. This allows riders to stay connected to their devices and the outside world while exploring off-road terrain.
  • Ventilation: Airoh has incorporated a comprehensive ventilation system to keep riders cool during their adventures. Intake vents are located on the top and chin guard, while heat extractors at the back of the helmet help remove hot air as you ride.

Composite carbon shell

  • Comfort: The helmet includes removable and washable cheek pads and inner linings for easy maintenance and extended service life. Additionally, the cheek pads are treated with a hypoallergenic coating for added comfort.
  • Weight: The Aviator Ace 2 is designed to be lightweight, weighing approximately 1,250 grams (with some variation depending on the size). This reduced weight can help reduce rider fatigue on longer rides.

Comprehensive ventilation system

  • Style: The helmet features a sporty enduro-style design and is available in a variety of colors and graphics, allowing riders to choose a style that suits their preferences.
  • Price: The price for the Airoh Aviator Ace 2 is listed at 399.99 euros, which is approximately $423 USD, making it a reasonably priced option for riders looking for a quality off-road helmet with the mentioned features.

Here are the pros and cons of the Airoh Aviator Ace 2 helmet:


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Composite carbon shell for durability and impact resistance
  • ECE 22.06 safety compliant
  • Sliding Net device for improved safety
  • Emergency Fast Release cheek pads
  • Comprehensive ventilation system
  • Hypoallergenic cheek pads and inner linings
  • Affordable price


  • Some users have reported that the helmet is noisy at high speeds
  • The helmet is not available in all sizes and colours


In conclusion, the Airoh Aviator Ace 2 combines style, safety, and comfort in a lightweight package that’s bound to appeal to riders who relish off-road adventures. With its Bluetooth compatibility, ventilation system, and adherence to the latest safety standards, it’s a well-rounded choice that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re navigating the wilderness or conquering the trails, the Aviator Ace 2 is ready to be your trusted companion on your off-road journeys.



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