Stilride And Hedon Collaborate On Handcrafted Line Of Retro-Themed Helmets

Review of the Stilride x Hedon Collaboration:

Top Key Points

  • Stilride and Hedon have collaborated to create a new collection of handcrafted helmets, showcasing two distinct styles: The Circuit and The Bullit.
  • These helmets are more than just gear; they are a testament to the shared commitment of both companies to modern luxury and retro-inspired design.
  • The helmets are made with a composite fibre shell composed of fibreglass and carbon fibre, striking a balance between lightweight design and durability.
  • The helmets prioritize both comfort and versatility with a 3-channel ventilation system to keep riders cool during their journey. Additionally, they come equipped with a convenient Mirror Shield Visor for optimal visibility. For those looking to personalize their style, there are seven different compatible coloured visors available for separate purchase.
  • The new Stilride x Hedon helmets are available in various sizes, ranging from XS/S to XXL, with weights carefully designed for each size. Moreover, they meet the ECE 22.06 safety standards, assuring riders of their road legality and adherence to safety regulations.

When two stalwarts of design and craftsmanship come together, the result is expected to be breathtaking, and that’s precisely the case with the Stilride x Hedon collaboration.

Design & Aesthetics:

At the heart of the collaboration lies a deep-rooted commitment to retro-inspired design. The helmets – The Circuit and The Bullit – are not just protective gear but a statement of style and luxury. Stilride’s foray into the helmet space with Hedon is a natural extension of their brand ethos, which seems to merge beautifully with the design sensibilities of the British helmet manufacturer.


The sleek black and silver finish, the anodized gunmetal-coloured brass accents, and the luxury of the black leather lining create a visual spectacle. When combined with the Stilride motorcycle, it’s clear that aesthetics have been at the forefront of the design process.

Safety & Comfort:
Beneath the exterior allure, the helmets pack in a wealth of safety tech. The composite fibre shell is a testament to the blend of lightweight design and robustness. Furthermore, the Hed Armour lining and the 360-degree cushion padding are perfect examples of how safety need not come at the cost of comfort.

The Merlin anti-bacterial fabric ensures that even on long rides, the helmets remain a fresh and hygienic companion. Meanwhile, the 3-channel ventilation system guarantees a cool ride even on scorching days.


With the Mirror Shield Visor and the availability of seven different coloured visors for customization, riders can truly make the helmet their own. Despite the plethora of features, the fact that the helmet remains ultra-light and maintains a low-profile shell is commendable.

Affordability & Availability:
Priced at £550 or about $668 USD, the helmets certainly position themselves in the luxury segment. However, considering they are handcrafted in London, adhere to ECE 22.06 safety standards, and are infused with both Stilride’s and Hedon’s ethos, the price tag seems justified.

The ‘Limited Founders Edition’ Motorcycle Series:

One cannot discuss the new helmet launch without acknowledging the ripples created by the ‘Limited Founders Edition motorcycle series. This exclusive series did more than just add another product to the Stilride lineup; it ignited a fervour among motorcycle enthusiasts. Selling out at a record pace, it’s clear that Stilride tapped into a latent desire for something unique, luxurious, and nostalgic.

The anticipation surrounding the ‘Founders Edition’ is palpable. Those lucky few who managed to snag one are now on tenterhooks, awaiting their individually crafted masterpieces. With delivery slated for 2024, the excitement is only set to grow.


The Stilride x Hedon collaboration is a celebration of design, luxury, and safety. It’s clear that both brands have poured their heart and soul into this project. The helmets are more than just protective gear; they’re a style statement, a testament to craftsmanship, and a nod to the golden age of retro design. For those who appreciate the finer things in life and have an eye for detail, the Stilride x Hedon helmets are a perfect fit.


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