SC Project for Forza 350,

The motorcycle aftermarket world is constantly evolving, catering not only to the racers but also to those who seek both functionality and style. SC-Project, renowned for its quality exhaust systems, has released its latest gem: the X-Plorer II GT slip-on silencer for the highly popular Honda Forza 350 maxi-scooter.

Summary of the SC-Project X-Plorer II GT slip-on silencer for the Honda Forza 350:

  • Design: Combines compactness with premium materials, including titanium and stainless steel.
  • Weight: Significantly reduces the overall weight of the Forza 350 by 3.1 kg.
  • Emissions: Aligns with stringent Euro5 emissions standards.
  • Performance: Offers an increase of up to one horsepower and an additional 0.9 Newton-meters of torque at 7,200 rpm.
  • Price: Available at a premium price of 820 Euros, or approximately $860 USD.


  1. Material and Construction:
    • Primary material: Titanium – offering an excellent strength-to-weight ratio perfect for exhaust systems.
    • Added stainless steel elements, enhancing the robustness and durability of the silencer.
  2. Design and Aesthetics:
    • Elegant carbon fibre finishes add to the overall visual appeal.
    • The compact design aligns seamlessly with the aesthetics of the Forza 350.
  3. Performance Boost:
    • Weight reduction: Lightens the Forza 350 by 3.1 kg in comparison to the stock silencer.
    • Enhanced sound: Produces a richer and deeper exhaust note.
    • Power gains: Increases up to 1 horsepower.
    • Torque enhancement: Additional 0.9 Newton-meters at 7,200 rpm.
  4. Eco-friendly:
    • Meets Euro5 emissions standards, making it compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

Pricing and Availability:

Priced at 820 Euros (~$860 USD), the X-Plorer II GT silencer is a premium addition for Forza 350 owners. The package includes a titanium-finished silencer with a carbon fibre end cap and a corresponding carbon fibre heat shield for the link pipe.


  • Improved performance and acceleration
  • Reduced weight
  • Compliance with Euro5 emissions standards
  • Premium materials and construction
  • The richer and deeper exhaust note


  • Expensive

While maxi-scooters like the Honda Forza 350 might not be the first choice for speed enthusiasts, they certainly have a dedicated following that values style and performance. SC-Project’s X-Plorer II GT slip-on silencer addresses these needs, blending aesthetic appeal with tangible performance gains. For those who wish to elevate their Forza 350 experience, this silencer is an investment that promises returns in both looks and performance.

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