The MT-07’s cross-plane crankshaft gave the brutish powerplant a unique character that rises above traditional inline-four engine traits.

Despite the MT-07 being one of the most affordable motorcycles in its class, its performance is near-equal to larger displacement motorcycles from rival manufacturers. 

An eager attitude and charming personality captured the market’s attention and inspired a cult following among riders of all skill levels. 


Many have made their love for the MT-07 well-known in numerous online communities — and we’re sure we would, too, if we could get our hands on one.

The cult

The resulting powerband is so addictive that even a rookie bike rider can enjoy it, but a track day enthusiast will still have much fun on it too. 

It’s so addictive that after the 2016 model year, Yamaha decided to detune the engine for 2017 to comply with new emissions regulations in some European countries.

The MT-07’s design is something extraordinary, not just because of the engine but also its looks. 

The MT-07 was designed by Yamaha’s top of the class designers who were inspired by the company’s own heralded cross-plane crankshaft R1. 


The MT-07 is characterized by uncluttered lines that wrap around its fuel tank, side panels and single rearview mirrors without a hint of any unnecessary character lines.

Although naked motorbikes tend to follow a generic archetype with a large fuel tank, simple tail unit and a forward-mounted headlight. 

The MT-07 breaks these conventions by replacing the tail section with a chiselled tail unit resembling a caricature of its predecessor.


While other manufacturers like Kawasaki and Honda have used parallel-twin powerplant in their motorcycles.

Many have criticized the parallel-twin engine for lack of power delivery and torque.


The SC1-S gives the MT-07 an entirely different character rather than an outright performance gain.

When the Yamaha MT-07’s stock muffler sounds anything but crisp and clear, SC-Project has managed to take the noise and also arrives with Euro5 compliant. 

Nonetheless, you’ll find that there is just enough volume for you to start having fun as you ride the MT-07 with a genuine smile on your face. 


Your bike will now sound more like a proper middleweight motorcycle as compared to a boring commuter.

Its SC1-S system features a two-into-one design with an innovative rear exit pipe. This outlet ensures that no bulky mufflers are sticking out of the body’s side profile.

One thing in favour of the S.C. Project’s acceptance of the MT-07 is the exhaust pipe routing. It makes it an easy fitment, which means you can get to work on your machine right away. 

The hardest thing about the conversion is removing the old exhaust, but it won’t be difficult for you if you’re familiar with changing exhausts on bikes. Once you have everything out of the way, installing the SC1-S is a breeze.


The sporty character and the elegance of black meet in this complete system designed for the 2021 model of the Yamaha MT-07.

A kit of AISI 304 stainless steel manifolds black painted with ceramic paint, resistant to high temperatures; carbon made SC1-S muffler to reduce the bike weight and enrich the look and design; C.N.C. machined billet bushings and T.I.G. weldings performed in an inert atmosphere

In addition to this, the entire exhaust system maintains compatibility with the original lambda probes housing.

How does it impact?

  • Weight reduction : -2,1 Kg (Stock 7,7 kg / SC 5,6 Kg)
  • Power:+1,6 hp @10000 rpm
  • Torque:+2,3 Nm @4750 rpm

And it costs 1.460,00 Euro.

via S.C. Project


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