Yamaha YZF R7

Since most bike lovers highly anticipate Yamaha 1999’s YZF R7, the bike is returning under the name of a more suitable MT 07 based superbike line-up.

California Air Resources Board (CARB) reported the exhaust gas and consumption classification for the 2022 model.


The model name is prominent as it was considered a part of a 750 homologation model. And it was for the Superbike World Championship in the late 1990s – better known to many as OW 02.

According to the CARB emission results, the new YZF R7 is similar to the latest MT 07 2021.

Now this means we might expect the bike to have these specifications 72.4 hp at 9,000 rpm, with torque maxing out at 49.4 pound-feet at 6,500 rpm.

For comparison, the original 1999 YZF-R7 made 105 hp at 11,000 rpm and 53.5 pound-feet at 9,000 rpm for all its legendary status.

Since the Aprilia RS 660 was released, the possibility of an MT-07 athlete struck excitement among bike lovers.

Many Yamaha lovers will be pleased to know a new generation of super sports cars with two cylinders.

600 to 700 cubic meters, weighing around 180 kilograms, powered about 100 horsepower, ready to drive.

Yamaha is also working on another concept which will mostly release in 2021.

Most people might be confused because the bike is a 2022 model. It will be released next year.

But we should know Yamaha will launch this bike much sooner based on the sole purpose as it is a 2022 bike Yamaha has certified. So it is safe to say we might expect an early launch.



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