Yamaha Motor Company intricately designed the Yamaha YZR-M1 to participate in the Moto Gp series.

On the 10th of March, 2021, 60 years ago, Yamaha participated in the Grand Prix for the first time. 


Since its been 60 years, Yamaha celebrates their achievement with a special and unique red and white paint job. 

The bike is currently presented as part of the test drives in Losail in Qatar.  

Yamaha started racing in 1961 when their teams consisted of Fumio Ito and Taneharu Noguchi and now 60 years later celebrating their significant milestone.

With their replacement rider Cal Crutchlow, he chose the bike to pay tribute to their past riders. Cal further goes on to talk about how special it feels to ride the iconic YZR-M1, 


“I’m honoured to have been chosen to ride the special WGP YZR-M1 with the 60th-anniversary livery today to pay tribute to the hard work of so many Yamaha riders and employees over these last 60 years. 

The bike is striking, It’s pretty remarkable that I am present for both these essential milestones for Yamaha. 

I’ve recently returned to Yamaha as a test rider after seven years away. And I the experience. Yamaha’s passion for motorsports is as fierce as ever and is motivating.”

In addition to that, the team captured a few pictures with the bike, which looks stunning. To continue their celebration, Yamaha will also conduct various activities throughout 2021.

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