Toni Bou renews contract with Repsol Honda

 Toni Bou renews contract with Repsol Honda

The 28-time Trial World Champion has extended the ongoing relationship with Repsol Honda Team for three years. By which time he will have completed some eighteen years with the team.

Toni Bou’s relationship with Honda began back in 2007. And has been so fruitful both parties jumped at the chance to extend the current contractual agreement initially due to expire in 2021. 

And which will see the Trial legend continue with the squad three more years. Over these fourteen years with Repsol Honda Team, Toni Bou has broken every existing record in the Trial discipline. 

He has conquered 28 world titles (14 indoor, 14 outdoor), with 118 outdoor. And 67 indoor victories and 11 Spanish championship titles, among his many achievements.

Toni Bou

I am super happy with this news. I have Honda to thank for placing their trust in me. 

It is a great team and a grand alliance, in which we have achieved so much success and. In difficult moments like these, it makes me proud that they have shown such confidence in me.

Renewing for three years more is a reward for my career and the great work we have done together over these years.

I hope to stay here for many more years; it is my home, where I hope nothing will ever change.

Yoshishige Nomura

HRC President

I am pleased that Toni Bou will continue to race for the Repsol Honda Team next year and beyond. Winning 28 consecutive championships is an astounding achievement. 

Some years he had to battle with injury, but still won, a show of his unparalleled determination to win the title.

Maintaining his mental, skill, and physical condition at the top level is also no easy task, and I would like to thank him with all my sincerity.

HRC will continue to provide him with the best bike and team to help him keep on winning.


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