Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will change the colouring and graphics of the road sports models “MT-03 ABS” and “MT-25 ABS” and release them as 2021 models on April 28th.

“Gray” is a vibrant Vermilion wheel and cyan graphics on the air scoop. And it creates an aggressive styling for the MT series. 


Matte Dark Gray

“Blue” combines a matte grey with the front fender and air scoop, reminiscent of a super sports model. 

“Matte Dark Gray” is a colouring that gives severe driving with low contrast of dark tones.


The “MT-03 ABS” and “MT-25 ABS” are gaining high popularity, especially among young people. As entry models of the “MT series” that combine sharp and dynamic styling with light driving.

New colours and Price

  • MT-03 ABS comes in Pastel Dark Gray (Gray / New Color). And Deep Purplish Blue Metallic C (Blue / New Color) and comes at 654,500 yen.
  • While the MT-25 ABS will arrive in Matte Dark Gray Metallic 8 (Matte Dark Gray / New Color) and starts from 621,500 yen.

For both these models, Yamaha Japan wants to sell 2,300 units.


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