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When it comes to motorcycle concepts, Bezzi is always responsible for providing some dynamic proposals.

And you can see it in his past ultralight BMW R120 GS Legend concept for BMW or a motorcycle concept for Chinese manufacturer ARIIC looking forward to expanding.

His current concepts for Thai brand Stallions Motor has again brought the best out of him.


Scrambler SC and Cafe Racer CR Concepts

The two concepts Scrambler SC and Cafe Racer CR, arrive in glossy bottle green and bluish-green shade.

While the Scrambler gets the neo-retro style and upright position, the Cafe Racer gets the modern look and generous clip-on.

Cafe Racer CR Concept

With the typical Scrambler style, the Scrambler SC concept gets the bulky exhaust which gets pulled directly from the motor and heads towards the pillion seat.

It gets the short front fender, engine guard and rims in aluminium finish. The Scambler further comes with offroad tires with thick spoke wheels.

It has telescopic forks on the front, while the opposite end gets the spring load suspension with a thin swingarm. The Scambler further gets the number plate on the side.

The Cafe Racer concept infuses modern tech with a modern look. It gets a bit long front fender and rims in aluminium finish. 


Scrambler SC Concept

Unlike Scrambler, it arrives with telescopic forks on the front, while the opposite end gets the spring load suspension with a thin swingarm. 

The Cafe Racer, too, gets the number plate on the side. Both these concepts have the same 400cc motor and fuel tank.  

While Stallions Motor does have motorcycles under different segments like the C Series, M Series and S Series, these two concepts from Bezzi are definite value add on to the Thai motorcycle brand.

And can present something unique.

Let’s see What Bezzi has to stay.

Bezzi’s Words

Stallions Motor is a Thai brand that offers a range of motorcycles with cylinder capacity between 170 and 400 cc on the domestic market. A delightful and varied invoice.

To raise more appeal to the Brand, it could likely propose two new curated versions of the 400 cc air-cooled single-cylinder.

With refined shades and extreme attention to detail, Scrambler SC and Cafe Racer CR aim to be new objects to the desire of young Thai enthusiasts more attentive to international motorcycle trends.

Generously sized and technically well equipped, the two new proposals, given even a reasonable purchase price, could be attractive even outside the Asian country, having nothing to envy with similar models in the West.

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