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Oberdan Bezzi brings the Hero 361 Symbol concept

Probable and desirable that even the HERO brand wants to enter into the competition of India’s internal market. And also in a global perspective regarding the type of motorcycles Classic. 2021 CFMoto 1250TR-G to arrive in Malaysia Should Aprilia bring the naked RS660 Triumph is back to the British supersport. What is Kawasaki planning with […]Read More

Kentauros brings ‘ FRR1200 ‘ concept

Denton Performance and Kentauros collaborate to bring something fresh. Let’s see what they have to say. “Over the next year, we will strive to create a different look at what an FTR1200 “reimagined” can be as a road race machine. Crazy Garage’s endurance war horse Yamaha unveils 2020 WR155R Remy Gardner takes the pole Roland […]Read More

Moto Guzzi bellagio scrambler concept by Kentauros

In the past Kentauros has designed few excellent concepts of the Moto Guzzi Bellagio Scrambler. The concept looks magnificent in multiple two-tone colours. The concept Located near the Moto Guzzi headquarters and across the Lake Como is town name Bellagio. So the name of the motorcycle comes from the town. The Krax Moto ‘Rebellion’ by […]Read More

Bezzi brings BMW GS and HP2 concepts

Oberdan Bezzi brings some hot BMW GS and HP2 concepts. The concepts are aggressive and get some hot paint schemes which involve a combination of red, blue, black and white colours. Numbers on the two concepts look cool.  Read More

2021 Marvel Venom and Aprilia Tuono Concept

Less than a week ago the 2021 Tuono 660 patents are leaked. Our friends from GPone had captured the footage and pictures of what we see as the 2021 Aprilia Tuono 1100 prototype. And the test rider was none other than Lorenzo Savadori who was not able to spend his weekday August 12 somewhere else. However, Aprilia requested Lorenzo […]Read More

Yamaha XT 500 H2O electric concept

Yamaha XT 500 H2O concept Future is innovative and it is one good reason why Yamaha requested the Maxime Lefebvre to bring something new. One of the inputs from Yamaha to Lefebvre was to search for alternative drives. Lefebvre came up with a innovative Yamaha XT 500 H2O concept. And as the name says the […]Read More

The unusual Monopod concept

The concept of Monopod by Uli Staiger is different and breathtaking Background Thrice Uli tried to capture the photograph Bahnhof of Prinzenstrasse in Downtown Berlin. He says ‘All three series were okay, but not breathtaking’. His objective was to capture a great background with a close, detailed foreground with a good view of the old […]Read More

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