AI Bike Concept-Cover

History of AI

The world has entered a new era with the development of Artificial Intelligence. The researchers and engineers have contributed enormously to creating tomorrow’s future. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a part of our life, capable of providing solutions for some of the significant issues faced by the community.

The history of AI can be traced back to the time of ancient Greece. But the modern era began in 1956 when the Dartmouth Conference was held. 


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It was an important landmark for AI development. In the mid-1900s, AI grew and matured along with other computers and software. Now, it is an up-and-coming technology developed by professionals with experience in related areas of mathematics, psychology, and computer science fields.

AI Bike Concept-Cover

AI and Humans

Artificial Intelligence systems are actively involved in various human activities and businesses. This technology has moved away from the lab and has become a product used in people’s lives.

Designing a model for an artificially intelligent system can be a challenging mission. It involves combining elements from computer science, psychology, mathematics and statistics. 

Artificial intelligence is defined as a branch of computer science dealing with the modelling and construction of intelligent agents, and for this, you need to have an objective.

Future of bikes

Recently, I’ve been wondering about the future of bikes. The more I read about how companies are looking into new tech, the more I see brands that make city-friendly bikes, and the more I wonder how an AI for artwork might create the perfect bike.

I recently saw an AI platform called Midjourney. This AI platform can create four images from your text input. 

AI Bike Concept-Cover


Feed it text and get photos — that’s it. Mid-journey lets you input text, and 30 seconds later, it will give you a random collection of four photos in response to your input. You can either type keywords and phrases or see what mid-journey comes up with after a few clicks.

And these bikes are the output from Midjourney.

Images created by Midjourney user @vincentcallebautarchitectures

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