LiveWire S2 Del Mar Launch Edition UK price and other key details

If you’ve been keeping an focus on electric motorcycle developments, you probably remember the buzz around KYMCO’s concepts at EICMA 2022. The fully-faired SuperNEX and the sleek, ‘naked’ RevoNEX showcased some seriously futuristic design vibes. They were just concepts, though, so it was anyone’s guess when or if they’d hit production. Plus, there’s always the question of how much of that cool design would actually make it to the final product. After all, these bikes had already seen some design changes since KYMCO first introduced them.

KYMCO and LiveWire Team Up

Then came the big news: KYMCO announced a partnership with LiveWire, Harley-Davidson’s electric motorcycle brand. This collaboration aims to manufacture some of LiveWire’s S3 bikes, focusing on the Asian market. For context, LiveWire calls its One model an S1 bike, while the Del Mar and Mulholland are S2 bikes. The S3 bikes are future, smaller models that haven’t been released yet. Plans for an S4 series, electric versions of Harley-Davidson’s iconic cruisers, were also hinted at but are still a bit down the road.

KYMCO’s Ionex Platform: The Backbone of Future Models

At EICMA 2023, KYMCO Chairman Allen Ko confirmed that the upcoming bikes would utilize the KYMCO Ionex platform. This platform is crucial for KYMCO’s electric motorcycle strategy. Recent patent applications by KYMCO have given us a sneak peek at what could be coming. These patents reveal designs that look a lot like LiveWire’s S2 bikes, at least under the bodywork. While the wheels, body panels, and charging port locations differ from both the initial concepts and the patent drawings, the similarities in the core structure are striking.


The Evolution from Concept to Production

When the SuperNEX and RevoNEX were first showcased, they represented KYMCO’s vision for the future of electric motorcycles. However, the journey from concept to production often involves numerous changes. The collaboration with LiveWire suggests that KYMCO’s production models might share more than a few design elements with LiveWire’s current offerings. But, it’s important to note that these are still KYMCO’s bikes, with unique design features and engineering.

What to Expect in Terms of Performance

One of the big questions is whether KYMCO’s versions of these bikes will match LiveWire’s performance figures. While we don’t have exact details yet, the use of the Ionex platform and similarities in design suggest that KYMCO’s electric motorcycles could offer comparable power and performance. However, until KYMCO releases official specs, this remains speculative.

Global Market Reach: Will KYMCO’s Electric Bikes Go Worldwide?

KYMCO currently sells its combustion bikes and scooters in many markets worldwide, but it’s unclear if the same will apply to their electric motorcycles. The LiveWire partnership is primarily focused on the Asian market, which makes sense given KYMCO’s strong presence there. However, the global interest in electric motorcycles means there could be potential for broader distribution.

Patent Insights: A Glimpse into the Future

The patent drawings filed by KYMCO provide valuable insights into what we might expect from their future electric motorcycles. While the external design details differ from the LiveWire S2 bikes, the underlying structure appears similar. This could mean that KYMCO is leveraging LiveWire’s proven technology to fast-track its own electric motorcycle development.

The Role of Design Language in Electric Motorcycles

The design language of electric motorcycles is evolving rapidly, and KYMCO’s concepts at EICMA 2022 were a testament to that. As these concepts move closer to production, it will be interesting to see how much of that initial design flair is retained. The collaboration with LiveWire could influence the final design, blending KYMCO’s futuristic aesthetic with LiveWire’s established design cues.

The Importance of the Ionex Platform

The Ionex platform is a key component of KYMCO’s electric motorcycle strategy. This platform allows for flexibility in design and performance, making it suitable for a range of electric motorcycles. By using this platform, KYMCO can streamline production and potentially reduce costs, making their electric motorcycles more accessible to a wider audience.

Future Prospects: What’s Next for KYMCO and LiveWire?

Looking ahead, the partnership between KYMCO and LiveWire holds exciting potential for the electric motorcycle market. As they continue to develop and refine their electric offerings, we can expect to see more innovative designs and technologies. This collaboration could set a new standard for electric motorcycles, blending KYMCO’s bold vision with LiveWire’s proven expertise.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead for KYMCO’s Electric Motorcycles

KYMCO’s journey from concept to production is an exciting one, full of potential for innovation and growth. The partnership with LiveWire adds another layer of intrigue, suggesting that we might see some truly groundbreaking electric motorcycles in the near future. While there are still many unknowns, the future looks bright for KYMCO and its electric motorcycle ambitions.

Stay tuned for more updates as KYMCO and LiveWire continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of electric motorcycles.

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