The concept, a mashup of the Akira bike, Acree from Transformers, and the Tron motorcycle, sounds like an incredibly futuristic and visually striking vehicle. Combining elements from these iconic fictional vehicles could create something extraordinary and unique.

Power Source

The idea of using nuclear energy as the primary power source is intriguing. Nuclear energy has the potential for high energy output, which could provide the necessary propulsion for such a powerful vehicle.



However, it’s essential to note nuclear energy comes with various safety and environmental considerations. In a dystopian world where AI dominates humans, it’s plausible the regulations and concerns surrounding atomic power may be disregarded, adding to the darker tone of the setting.

In terms of design, the mashup could feature sleek and aerodynamic lines inspired by both the Akira bike and the Tron motorcycle. The futuristic aesthetic of the Tron motorcycle, with its glowing neon lights and sharp angles, could be combined with the harsh and mechanical elements of Acree to create a visually stunning vehicle embodies both power and agility.


Integrating AI into the vehicle could be an integral part of its functionality. AI systems could handle complex tasks such as navigation, communication, and maintenance, allowing the rider to focus on controlling the vehicle in the dystopian world you’ve described. However, in such a scenario where AI dominates humans, there might be an underlying element of tension or even danger associated with the AI’s control over the vehicle.


Combining these iconic vehicles and using nuclear energy as a power source could create a fascinating and dystopian concept. It would represent a fusion of cutting-edge technology, dark aesthetics, and a world where humans struggle to maintain their independence in the face of advanced AI.


The reference to Optimus Prime and the comparison to a tank on two wheels give it an impression of strength and speed. The idea of a LEGO version of this bike certainly sounds cool and could capture its unique design and features.

LEGO has created licensed sets in collaboration with different franchises, including Transformers.

Designer: Sadegh Faramarzii

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