The Hero Xtreme 160R is now available in new shades and is expected to attract more customers. Offering a variety of colour options is a common marketing strategy used by automobile manufacturers to appeal to different consumer preferences and increase the overall appeal of their products. These shades are Sports Red, Matte Sapphire Blue, Pearl Silver White, Matte Axis Grey, and Stealth 2.0.

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New shades

By introducing new shades, Hero aims to provide potential customers with a broader range of choices, allowing them to select a colour that resonates with their style and taste. This strategy is often successful as it helps the brand cater to a broader customer base.



The availability of new shades can also create a sense of novelty and excitement around the Hero Xtreme 160R, particularly among individuals who were previously interested in the model but were looking for different colour options. This expanded range of shades may sway them towards making a purchase.

Furthermore, offering new shades can differentiate the Hero Xtreme 160R from its competitors in the market. When customers have a more excellent selection of colours, it increases the chances of finding a unique shade that sets their bike apart from others on the road.


The Hero Xtreme 160R motorcycle utilizes a reliable and proven powertrain configuration. It has a 163cc, air-cooled, single overhead cam (SOHC) engine. This engine generates a maximum power output of 15bhp at 8,500rpm and a peak torque of 14Nm at 6,500rpm. The air-cooling system helps maintain optimal engine temperatures during operation.

Regarding transmission, the Hero Xtreme 160R comes with a 5-speed gearbox. The 5-speed transmission allows for a good balance of gear ratios, allowing the rider to handle various riding conditions, including city commuting.

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Overall, with its 163cc engine, the Hero Xtreme 160R offers a blend of power and efficiency suitable for urban riding, and the 5-speed gearbox enhances its versatility by providing the rider with multiple gear options to suit different road and traffic situations.

The Stealth 2.0 variant of the Hero Xtreme 160R motorcycle is priced at Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom).

In conclusion, introducing new shades for the Hero Xtreme 160R is a strategic move to attract more customers. By providing a more comprehensive range of colour options, Hero hopes to appeal to a broader customer base, create excitement, and differentiate their product from competitors in the market.

Source: Hero

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