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Ola Electric’s latest electric scooter models – the Ola S1 Air, S1 X, and S1 Pro – have sparked significant enthusiasm, amassing over 75,000 bookings within the past fortnight. While these bookings are impressive, it’s important to acknowledge the potential for cancellations.

Top key points about the Ola e-scooters:

  • The Ola e-scooters have received over 75,000 bookings in the last two weeks.
  • The scooters are priced competitively, starting at ₹109,999 for the S1 Air.
  • The scooters offer a good range, up to 195 km for the S1 Pro.
  • The scooters are feature-rich, with a 7-inch touchscreen display, a reverse mode, and a hill hold assist.
  • Ola Electric has a strong brand name and is known for its innovative products.

Ola S1 Air

Although Ola Electric hasn’t disclosed the precise breakdown of bookings per model, the cost-effective S1 X might have secured the highest number of bookings due to its affordability. The S1 X is offered in three variations: S1 X+, S1 X 2kWh, and S1 X 3kWh.

New Ola e-scooters receive over 75,000 bookings


S1 Pro

The S1 Pro, positioned as the premium option, boasts an upgraded platform that heightens the overall riding experience by elevating top speed and extending the riding range.

Positioned between the entry-level S1 X and the top-tier S1 Pro, the mid-tier S1 Air delivers superior performance and features compared to the S1 X, presenting an appealing choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking enhanced value without a hefty investment.

As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, Ola Electric’s fresh e-scooter lineup has managed to captivate the interest of numerous consumers. The forthcoming weeks will unveil whether these initial bookings will translate into substantial sales for the brand.


Ola Electric’s introduction of the Ola S1 Air, S1 X, and S1 Pro e-scooter models has undeniably struck a chord with consumers, evident from the remarkable 75,000 bookings received in just the past two weeks. While potential cancellations might factor in, the substantial interest, especially in the affordable S1 X variant, bodes well for the brand’s market penetration.

S1 Pro

The innovative enhancements in the S1 Pro’s platform, leading to heightened performance metrics, demonstrate Ola Electric’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility. Simultaneously, S1 Air’s strategic positioning meets the demands of value-conscious consumers who still seek enhanced performance.


As the electric vehicle sector undergoes dynamic shifts, Ola’s ability to attract such a substantial volume of bookings reflects the burgeoning enthusiasm for sustainable transportation alternatives. The next phase will unveil the extent to which these bookings will metamorphose into concrete sales figures, potentially reshaping the landscape of urban transportation.


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