Key points about Ola Electric’s four motorcycle concepts in active voice:

  • Ola Electric showcased four motorcycle concepts in the early stages of development, including an ADV, a cruiser, a supersport, and a roadster.
  • The ADV concept has a futuristic look with flush-fit panels all around. It is equipped with USD front forks, a monoshock, front and rear disc brakes, and spoke wheels wrapped in block pattern tyres.
  • Ola Electric equipped the cruiser concept with long sweeping panels all over and a single seat for the rider only. It has a low profile and features forward-set footpegs, a long rake and trail, and large wheels. It rides on USD front forks that get large covers and a monoshock. The braking hardware comprises a front and rear disc mounted on alloy wheels shoed with road-biased rubber.

More key points

  • Ola Electric designed the supersport concept as a fully faired offering with large panels all over. It has a thin LED headlight at the front with handlebars tapering out from the fairing. It is equipped with a lateral front suspension and a monoshock. The Ola Diamondhead concept gets a dual front and a single rear disc. It seems to have a fairly demanding stance, going by the rear set footpegs and the overall structure.
  • Ola Electric designed the roadster as the most basic of the four concepts. It features panels everywhere with very minimum internals exposed. It rides on USD front forks and a monoshock and gets a large two-piece seat that extends further to the tank area. The roadster’s front end looks quite sharp, thanks to the chiselled panels.

Gen 2 platform

Ola Electric has unveiled four distinct motorcycle concepts as part of their new S1X range and Gen 2 platform launch. These cutting-edge designs encompass a cruiser, adventure (ADV) bike, supersport model, and roadster. These motorcycle models are currently in their initial developmental phases, and specific specifications have not yet been disclosed.

  • Ola Adventure (ADV):

    • Boasts a futuristic appearance with seamlessly integrated panels.
    • Showcases adventure bike characteristics such as a broad handlebar with guards.
    • Features an LED headlight with a transparent visor.
    • Incorporates side panels that function as a front beak, as well as lower crash guards.
    • Outfitted with USD front forks, a monoshock, front and rear disc brakes, and spoke wheels equipped with block pattern tires

OLA Left Front Three Quarter

  • Ola Cruiser:

    • Exudes a stylish impression with elongated sweeping panels.
    • Embraces a solo rider design with a single-seat arrangement.
    • Displays a lower profile, forward-set footpegs, and an extended rake and trail.
    • Equipped with USD front forks featuring substantial covers and a monoshock.
    • Utilizes front and rear disc brakes mounted on alloy wheels featuring road-oriented rubber.

OLA Left Side View

  • Ola Diamondhead (Supersport):

    • Showcases an entirely faired design characterized by expansive panels.
    • Highlights a sleek LED headlight, lateral front suspension configuration, and a monoshock.
    • Incorporates a dual front and a singular rear disc braking system.
    • Exhibits a dynamic stance with rear-set footpegs

OLA Left Front Three Quarter

  • Ola Electric Roadster:

    • Displays comprehensive panelling that conceals numerous internal components.
    • Accentuates a sharp and distinctive front-end appearance with finely sculpted panels.
    • Equipped with USD front forks and a monoshock for suspension.
    • Features an expansive two-part seat that extends towards the tank area.

OLA Left Side View

These motorcycle concepts are currently in the preliminary phases of development, and comprehensive specifications and further details are yet to be divulged. Ola Electric’s innovative designs span various segments of the motorcycle market, hinting at their exploration of diverse consumer preferences.


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