The e-scooter certainly is poised to disrupt the transportation industry in India.Where electric vehicles are viewed as a luxury for the rich. 

The high-end brand’s names of Honda and Yamaha have been selling electric scooters and bikes for a while now.

But Ola is set to control this market segment with its affordable offering. That will cost less than half of what you would pay for a Honda or Yamaha electric vehicle.


Now customers can start booking this much-anticipated scooter for Rs. 499 INR ($7 ).

Pre-bookings of Ola’s e-scoots began yesterday.And the scooter has already got over 100,000 pre-orders in the last 24 hours for itself!


It’s not even out yet, and the scooter has already got many eyeballs on it. 

Ola had been teasing its consumers and inviting them to try out its “innovative technology in the most delightful way.”‘

The e-scooter will arrive in three variants Ola Series S, S1, or premium S1 Pro. 

The scooter also gets multiple shades like matte pink, matte sky blue, matte black and more.

When it comes to performance specs, they vary.

  • S Variant arrives with a 2.68 horsepower (2-kilowatt) electric motor
  • S1 to get a 5.36 hp (4 kilowatts) motor to help achieve a top speed of 45kmh (28 miles per hour).
  • While the most premium will have a 9.38 hp(7-kilowatt)engine with a top speed of 95 km (59 miles per hour).

Ola also says the prospective range of 240 km if the rider rides the e-scooter steadily at 20 km/h, which turns to be 150 kms.

via News18


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