• Pininfarina, the Italian design house known for its beautiful sports cars, has unveiled its latest project: the Zamboni ZX5 ice resurfacer.
  • The ZX5 is the first Zamboni product to be designed by a third party, and it features a more futuristic take on the classic Zamboni design.
  • The ZX5 has a two-tone paint job with bevelled edges, and it still retains some of the recognizable features of the iconic 500 Series Zambonis.
  • While ice resurfacers are not typically known for their looks, the ZX5 is arguably the best-looking Zamboni ever made.
  • The ZX5 is also the first all-electric Zamboni model, and it is said to be more efficient and environmentally friendly than previous models.
  • It is also equipped with a number of new features, such as a heated operator’s cabin and a new ice-resurfacing system that is said to produce a smoother ice surface.
  • The Zamboni ZX5 is expected to hit the market in early 2024, and it is sure to be a hit with hockey fans and ice skaters alike.


In a remarkable fusion of utilitarian engineering and avant-garde aesthetics, Pininfarina, the legendary Italian design house, recently unveiled a creation that marks a radical departure from its usual repertoire of high-performance automobiles. Revealed at the FSB 2023 Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany, the new masterpiece is not a sleek sports car, but rather an object of sheer functionality reimagined – the Zamboni ZX5.

This all-electric ice resurfacer, a machine synonymous with the smooth, glassy ice surfaces at skating rinks and hockey games, has undergone a design transformation, making it perhaps the most unexpected arena for Pininfarina’s signature style. This collaboration not only represents a bold new direction for utility-focused machinery but also underscores a profound shift in how we perceive the intersection of industrial design, environmental consciousness, and artistic expression.

Pininfarina, known worldwide for its breathtaking designs of Italian sports cars, just unveiled a project that veers into an entirely new direction, surprising everyone at the FSB 2023 Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany. They introduced the world to the Zamboni ZX5, arguably the most stylish ice resurfacing ever seen.


Iconic 500 Series Zambonis

If you’ve experienced the thrill of a professional hockey game or the joy of skating on a rink, you’ve likely seen a Zamboni at work. Frank Zamboni etched this name into our collective memory by inventing the first ice-resurfacing machines in the late 1940s. Today, Zamboni remains an undeniable authority in the field, continuing to influence winter sports globally.

Zamboni ZX5

Now, with the electric ZX5, Zamboni breaks new ground. They decided to make this launch exceptional. How? By partnering with Pininfarina, tracing back to Zamboni’s Italian roots and ensuring a third-party design intervention, a first for any Zamboni machine. This collaboration marries the rugged functionality necessary for ice resurfacers with artistry previously reserved for high-performance luxury vehicles.

At first glance, the ZX5 carries the spirit of the classic Zamboni silhouette. However, Pininfarina’s touch is unmistakable. They’ve transformed a traditionally utilitarian machine into something eye-catching, adding detailed craftsmanship that prompts a second look. The two-tone paint and bevelled edges showcase Pininfarina’s dedication to elegance, even for a heavy-duty ice machine.

Futuristic design

Before now, few might have thought to describe a Zamboni as sleek or beautiful. But the ZX5 changes the game. It invites us to reconsider what we expect in terms of design, even from utility vehicles. It’s not just about how well they do the job, but also about how they look and feel while doing it. This innovative ice resurfacer might just be the first step into a world where design and function go hand in hand, even in the most unexpected places.


The Zamboni ZX5, born from the unexpected partnership between Zamboni and Pininfarina, is not just a leap forward in utility vehicle design; it’s a bold statement about the future of industrial machinery. By reshaping our expectations of aesthetic standards in every product we interact with, it challenges the status quo, proving that practicality does not preclude beauty.

This pioneering venture may very well set a precedent for future collaborations across different industries, fostering innovation and a new appreciation for design excellence in every aspect of our physical world. The ZX5 isn’t merely an ice resurfacer; it’s a testament to human creativity and the endless possibilities that emerge when tradition and innovation converge.


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