Key points about the Porsche Artifacts Book

  • It is a limited-edition coffee table book that celebrates the history of Porsche through photography.
  • It features 356 pages of images, captured in Porsche’s hometown of Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • The book is printed on ultra-thick and glossy card stock using super-premium printers.
  • It is currently sold out on the American Porsche website, but can still be found in stock on the firm’s UK site.
  • It is priced at £225 (~ $285).


Porsche has carved a niche for itself in the automotive realm, boasting an impressive history that spans over 75 years. As a celebration of this magnificent journey, they recently unveiled a must-have for car enthusiasts: the “Artifacts” Book.

Type 7

The book, a collaboration between Edition Porsche Museum and Type 7, spans 356 pages. If you’re thinking, “Why 356?”, it’s a clever homage to Porsche’s very first model. Inside these pages, Thomas Walk, the talented photographer, brings vintage Porsches to life. He doesn’t just snap photos; he captures the spirit and story of each car. The textures, the patina, the essence of years gone by – it’s all there.

'Artifacts' book



But it’s not just about what’s inside. Ted Gushue’s ERG Media ensures the book’s presentation is as lavish as its content. Picture this: a massive 13.38” x 16.53” archive box with metal corners, wrapped in special paper echoing the iconic 911 Turbo script. And, as an added touch, there’s a separate pull-out index inside.

Limited Edition

Now, if you’re hoping to grab a copy, here’s the scoop. This limited edition book is available for £225 (~ $285). Although it’s sold out on the American Porsche website, you might still find it on the firm’s UK site. And since it’s labelled as a 1st Edition run for 2023, we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a second production or maybe even a sequel.

'Artifacts' book

In Conclusion

The Porsche “Artifacts” Book isn’t just a narrative of the brand’s legacy; it’s an experience. It’s a chance to touch, see, and feel Porsche’s rich tapestry of innovation, design, and passion. For car aficionados and Porsche devotees alike, this book promises to be an enduring keepsake.

'Artifacts' book


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