Project Highland: The New Tesla Model 3 is Here

Tesla’s Facelifted Model 3: Project Highland Highlights

Late last month, Tesla unveiled its much-anticipated facelifted Model 3, colloquially referred to as “Project Highland.” It marked a momentous event, drawing the curtain on a period of eager speculation, elusive spy shots, and countless rumours about the modifications and enhancements to Tesla’s most budget-friendly electric vehicle. The Austin-based electric car giant added several features to bolster the comfort and luxury quotient of the new Model 3.

Here are the key takeaways

  • Enhanced Comfort: One of the standout features is the enhanced damper system. This will likely provide a more comfortable and smoother ride for passengers. Furthermore, in a bid to improve cabin quietness, the greenhouse now incorporates entirely acoustic glass. This is a significant upgrade from the pre-facelift version, which had noise-reducing glass limited to just the windshield and front windows.
  • Made in China: A perhaps surprising detail to some potential buyers might be that the vehicle was chiefly developed in China by Tesla’s Shanghai-based engineering team. This marks a shift in the design and engineering process, underscoring the importance of the Chinese market and expertise to the brand.
  • Official Feature Reveal: A video circulating on Tesla’s official Weibo account, which was later shared on X by @xiaoteshushu, features Lars Moravy, Tesla’s Vice President of Vehicle Engineering. In this video, Moravy emphasizes that the primary goal of the team was enhancing driver happiness. For potential buyers or enthusiasts, the video also provides a glimpse of the prototype Model 3 clocking its top speed as per Chinese standards – 200 kph (124.2 mph).
  • Performance Metrics: Interestingly, the top speeds of both rear-wheel drive and long-range versions are a tad higher in European markets at 201 kph (124.8 mph). Acceleration figures remain consistent across markets, with the RWD taking 6.1 seconds and the Long Range variant just 4.4 seconds to sprint from 0 to 100 kph (0-62 mph).
  • Notable Features: Six years after the original Model 3 made its debut, this refreshed “Project Highland” version boasts several upgrades. Not only has the exterior been revamped, but the interior has also seen significant enhancements. There’s now ambient lighting, a new touchscreen for rear passengers enhancing in-cabin entertainment, and an upgraded sound system. Music aficionados will appreciate the Long Range’s sound system, which now comprises 17 speakers, three more than its predecessor.


All in all, the “Project Highland” Model 3 seems like a significant step forward for Tesla in its bid to continually innovate and enhance its offering for a growing global market. With production already underway at the Shanghai Gigafactory, it will be interesting to see how the market responds to these upgrades and if the facelifted Model 3 can replicate or surpass the success of its predecessor.

Tesla (Weibo) via @xiaoteshushu (X)

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