V4 engines are coming to the motorcycle world, and Qianjiang is leading the way

Qianjiang, the Chinese manufacturer that owns Benelli, has developed a new V4 engine that is already being used in the QJMotor Flash 600 V4 cruiser. The engine is also expected to be used in a variety of other motorcycles, including superbikes.

This is a significant development for the motorcycle industry, as V4 engines have traditionally been the exclusive domain of high-end European manufacturers. However, Qianjiang’s new V4 engine is affordable and capable, and it has the potential to revolutionize the motorcycle market.


Here are some key takeaways

  1. Qianjiang & Benelli Relationship: Qianjiang has had ownership of Benelli since 2005. With the patent documents for a new V4 engine appearing in April 2023 attributed to Qianjiang, there’s speculation about a new Benelli Tornado V4.
  2. QJMotor Flash 600 V4: This is a new model presented in September 2023 by Qianjiang. It seems to be inspired by the Harley-Davidson Sportster S. This is particularly noteworthy as Qianjiang has cooperated with Harley-Davidson in China and has even started manufacturing the Harley-Davidson X 500 in 2023.
  3. Technical Details of Flash 600: The Flash 600 V4 is powered by a V4 engine developed by Qianjiang, offering at least 68 hp at 10,500 rpm, with a top speed of 178 km/h.
  4. Price Point: The QJMotor Flash 600 V4 is priced at 35,999 yuan, which is roughly equivalent to 4,600 euros as of September 2023. It features modern amenities such as a colour display, Bluetooth connectivity, and arrow navigation.
  5. European Export: As of the data you provided, it is still uncertain if the Flash 600 will be exported to Europe. However, QJMotor does have a dealer network in places including Germany, suggesting the possibility of European availability in the future.
  6. V4 Engines from Qianjiang: The patent application from Qianjiang covers the design of the V4 engine and its technical features but doesn’t specify displacement or performance. The application seeks to patent certain engine design features.
  7. Potential for Other V4 Models: The mention of the Benda Dark Flag, another V4 engine motorcycle in China, suggests a growing trend or popularity of V4 engines in various bike categories.


The motorcycle industry is undergoing significant shifts, with Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang at the forefront of innovation, as evidenced by their V4 engine developments and strategic partnerships with iconic brands like Harley-Davidson. With the introduction of models such as the QJMotor Flash 600 V4, and the presence of other V4 engine models in the market, there’s a noticeable trend favoring this engine type.

While Qianjiang’s European export plans for their new models remain uncertain, their existing dealer network suggests potential market expansion. As collaborations grow and technologies evolve, it’s evident that the future of the motorcycle world will be a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, with China playing an increasingly influential role.

The Chinese motorcycle market is displaying innovation and showing signs of increasing collaboration with well-established Western brands like Harley-Davidson. It will be interesting to observe how these developments influence the global motorcycle industry and whether these bikes will find a market outside of China.


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