Rough Crafts brings the carbon fiber kit for Yamaha XSR900

 Rough Crafts brings the carbon fiber kit for Yamaha XSR900

Rough Crafts introduced what it’s calling a state-of-the-art carbon fiber body kit for Yamaha XSR900. 

It essentially works as a full-frontal and rear replacement. And all of the designed parts are available through the company’s official Yamaha XSR900 Carbon Fiber Kit store on Rough Crafts

Rough Crafts says the concept was to reduce weight while keeping the bike within its natural ergonomic limits. 

That meant wrapping the bike in more carbon fiber than it probably ever had to bear before.

The crew at Rough Crafts just dropped their first release of what is maybe the most anticipated Yamaha XSR900 aftermarket parts collection on the market today. 


It is introducing this season’s Faster Track Edition – a uniquely aggressive but clean and sophisticated collection of parts that dial up the ‘cool factor on one of the most fun bikes ever made.

Winston Yeh, Owner of Rough Crafts, wanted to keep this kit aggressive yet straightforward. Not to mention this is a bolt-on kit.

While the XSR900’s factory looks excellent, it doesn’t take too much imagination to realize some missing pieces.

Rough Crafts’ brand new kit rectifies this, being comprised of 3 different pieces. The name is a bit of a misnomer, though, as it’s three pieces in total. 


Why so many elements to create one cohesive unit? Apparently, the answer lies in the sort of bike that the XSR900 wants to be. 

“Coiled aggression,” a term used to describe a snake ready to strike. The Rough Crafts XSR900 Carbon Fiber Kit has expanded its legs to include a new front fender, seat tail, and short front fender.

The complete three-piece carried a price tag of around $2500, and as we see, it is available on the Rough Crafts website.


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