The Indian motorcycling landscape is witnessing the anticipation of yet another potential game-changer, as Royal Enfield teases its upcoming Himalayan 452. Evoking memories of its predecessor, the Himalayan 411 launched in 2016, the new motorcycle promises a blend of tradition and modern advancements, catering to the adventure enthusiasts of the subcontinent.

Top key points of Royal Enfield Himalayan 452:

  • New 451.65cc, liquid-cooled engine with 39.57bhp at 8,000rpm and 40-45Nm torque.
  • Updated design with beak fender, high-set LED headlamp, large fuel tank, and split seats.
  • Longer wheelbase and wider stance for enhanced stability.
  • USD front forks and monoshock rear suspension for improved ride quality and off-road capability.
  • Dual-channel ABS for improved braking performance.
  • Competitive price point of Rs. 2.70 lakh (ex-showroom

Here’s a summary and brief analysis of the upcoming motorcycle:

Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 Overview:

  • Design:
  • The white paint scheme of the Himalayan 452 mirrors the aesthetics of the original Himalayan 411, hinting at RE’s focus on retaining the signature look while introducing evolutionary changes.
  • Branding on the front mudguard and the Himalayas graphics on the fuel tank, side panel, and rear fender add to the visual appeal.
  • The beak fender, high-set LED headlamp, large fuel tank, and petit tail section give it a distinct adventure touring look.
  • Specifications:
  • Wheelbase: 21-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, supported by wire-spoke wheels, which are typical for adventure bikes due to their ability to absorb impact better than alloy wheels.
  • Engine: A 451.65cc, liquid-cooled engine, capable of producing 39.57bhp at 8,000rpm.
  • Torque: Expected to be around 40-45Nm.
  • Transmission: Six-speed gearbox.
  • Competition:
  • The Himalayan 452 is positioned to rival the KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G 310 GS, and the Yezdi Adventure in the Indian market. These are notable names in the mid-range adventure segment in India.
  • Price and Launch:
  • Expected price: Rs. 2.70 lakh (ex-showroom).
  • Expected launch: Late October or November 2023.


Royal Enfield’s Himalayan has been a significant model for the brand, carving a niche for itself in the mid-range adventure touring segment in India. The Himalayan 452 seems to carry forward the legacy while trying to address the evolving needs of Indian riders. The larger engine capacity, combined with a liquid-cooled mechanism, promises better performance and efficiency, making it more appealing for long-distance touring.


Its pricing pits it directly against some stiff competition, especially from KTM and BMW, which have a stronghold in the segment. However, Royal Enfield’s vast network, legacy, and the loyalty it enjoys in the Indian market might give the Himalayan 452 an edge.

It will be interesting to see how it performs once it’s officially launched and how it is received by the Indian motorcycling community.


The Royal Enfield Himalayan 452, with its blend of nostalgic design cues and modern engineering, stands poised to make a significant mark in the mid-range adventure touring segment in India. As it prepares to rival established names like KTM and BMW, its success will not only reflect the evolving preferences of Indian riders but also Royal Enfield’s enduring legacy and its ability to adapt to the changing times. Only time will tell how it reshapes the adventure motorcycling narrative in the country.

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