Sinbon is part of Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium 

Sinbon is part of Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium 

SINBON Group (TWSE: 3023), is an innovative designer and manufacturer of interconnect products for the e-mobility and automotive market. Joins the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) founded by Honda Motor, KTM F&E, Piaggio Group and Yamaha Motor to accelerate the deployment of Swappable Batteries to L-Vehicles.


As a conscious effort to reduce CO2 on a global scale. SINBON Electronics, now a member of this Consortium, is actively participating in the design of standard specifications for charging interfaces which the batteries. Vehicles may share, and charging infrastructures involved in this ecosystem.

A consortium gathering world players to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector

While the worldwide electrification effort to reduce CO2 on a global scale is accelerating, the Motorcycle Industry intends to expand the usage of electric motorcycles. Several challenges must be addressed to disseminate them, such as range extension. Shorter charging time, and lowering vehicle and infrastructural costs.

The SBMC was initiated by global players Honda Motor, KTM F&E, Piaggio Group and Yamaha Motor, who united to accelerate the deployment of electric motorcycles and L-Vehicles. The Consortium’s ambition is to promote joint industrial specifications vis-à-vis accredited public standardization bodies to become industry-wide standards for swappable batteries and swapping systems.

Foster the infrastructure for such batteries for everyday use, and ensure that motorcycles and L-Vehicles maintain their role in future mobility. It will make small electric vehicle batteries more economical, help preserve resources and – more importantly – make them more convenient for customers.

The SBMC aims to:

  • 1. Develop standard technical specifications of “the battery systems.”
  • 2. Try & confirm common usage of the swapping systems
  • 3. Make & promote the Consortium’s typical specifications as a standard within European and International standardization bodies
  • 4. Expand the use of the Consortium’s standard specification to a global level

SINBON Group, the industry player whose interconnect solutions have helped place more than 800,000 shared batteries in the market to-date

SINBON is an innovative global designing and manufacturing company, with 4 of the world’s top 10 EV charging companies adopting SINBON solutions. Thanks to its expertise in electric vehicle charging connectivity.

SINBON’s solutions improve overall sustainability and help address one of the global challenges, climate change. The group quickly expands their know-how and experiences from the standardized automotive applications into a more bespoke market such as autonomous and micro-mobility applications.

SINBON’s technology focuses on achieving higher electrical current and extending the charging interface’s life cycle, making it ideal for swapping and shared mobility applications. 

“Tech for good,” says Barrie Ryan, president of SINBON Europe. “SINBON is bringing to the Consortium innovative design which can help draw maximum electrical input/output to extend riding range and to shorten charging time.

But also the manufacturing know-how on how to lower vehicle and infrastructure costs to achieve this using this common platform. By this continuous effort, we hope to bring cleaner and more sustainable mobility solutions to transform our economies, lives and planet.”

via Sinbon

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