Sondors Metacycle Complaints

Sondors Metacycle

The electric motorcycle market has witnessed numerous innovations and announcements over the past few years, with manufacturers striving to capture a slice of the burgeoning e-mobility pie. One such announcement that garnered significant attention was the Sondors Megacycle.

  • Sondors Metacycle, an electric motorcycle, has been delayed multiple times.
  • Many customers have still not received their preorders.
  • Sondors Premium Electric Bikes has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • There are currently 83 unanswered BBB complaints about the Metacycle.
  • Most of the unanswered complaints allege that customers preordered a Metacycle, but never received the bike or a refund.
  • A recent investigation by Elektrek found that Sondors has unpaid bills at the factory in China where it manufactures the Metacycle, and that there are thousands of abandoned bikes sitting in warehouses.

Heralded for its impressive specifications and seemingly affordable price, the Metacycle was poised to revolutionize the e-bike industry. Yet, as the narrative has unfolded, the bright promise of this electric motorcycle has been overshadowed by a series of challenges, delays, and customer complaints. This analysis delves into the tumultuous journey of the Sondors Metacycle, examining the root causes of its challenges and its current standing in the market.


The Sondors Metacycle was initially hailed as a game-changer in the world of electric motorcycles, boasting remarkable specs and an affordable price tag. But from delays in deliveries to numerous complaints from customers, the ambitious project faced significant challenges. Here’s a breakdown of the key issues that have plagued the Metacycle’s journey:

  • Initial Hype: The bike’s preliminary specs were impressive. An 80 mph top speed, 80-mile range, removable battery, and a light 200-pound weight, all for $5,000, set expectations incredibly high.
  • Delays: What started as a delay from Q4 2021 extended into 2022, and while some deliveries commenced in November 2022, not all customers received their orders.

Unanswered BBB complaints

  • Complaints: The BBB recorded 201 complaints in the last three years, with 83 related to the Metacycle and unanswered as of September 2023.
  • Refund and Communication Issues: The majority of complaints highlighted a consistent pattern of miscommunication. Customers seeking refunds after not receiving their bikes or changing their minds were either ignored or misled.
  • Changing Specs: As deliveries commenced, it became clear that the specifications had changed. The non-removable battery and an increased weight of 100 pounds from the original promise upset many customers.

F rating

  • Warranty and Parts Issues: Beyond delivery and refund issues, there were complaints about the received Metacycles needing warranty service or parts – again, with communication issues prevailing.
  • BBB Investigation: The BBB initiated an investigation into Sondors Premium Electric Bikes due to the volume of complaints, signaling a significant concern.

Unpaid bills

  • Unpaid Bills and Abandoned Bikes: The Elektrek report paints a dire picture of the situation. With unpaid bills, unmet deliveries, and thousands of bikes sitting abandoned in warehouses in China, the magnitude of the crisis became evident.


What started as a promising venture has now transformed into a case study of challenges and pitfalls in the electric motorcycle industry. Whether it was due to over-promising, under-delivering, supply chain challenges, or poor communication, the Sondors Metacycle saga emphasizes the importance of transparency and trust between manufacturers and consumers. As developments continue to unfold, many will be keen to see how Sondors addresses these pressing issues.

The tale of the Sondors Metacycle offers a cautionary tale for emerging players in the electric mobility sector. While innovation and ambitious promises can capture consumer interest, the real test lies in the execution, transparency, and responsiveness to customer concerns. As the Metacycle saga continues to evolve, it underscores the need for manufacturers to prioritize not only product development but also effective communication and customer service. For the electric motorcycle industry, and indeed any business, the Sondors Metacycle serves as a stark reminder that fulfilling promises and building trust are pivotal to achieving long-term success.

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