Special Edition CE001

Hero MotoCorp took the wraps off the limited edition CE001 motorcycle at Hero World 2024 to celebrate company founder Dr. Birjmohan Lal Munjal. Here is an overview and analysis.


  • Hero MotoCorp recently revealed the exclusive CE001 motorcycle at Hero World 2024
  • Only 100 units will be produced as a tribute to founder Dr. Birjmohan Lal Munjal
  • Based on the Karizma XMR but with carbon fiber parts and other upgrades
  • Engine likely similar 25bhp 210cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled as Karizma XMR
  • Expected to launch in July 2024, sold online only.


Buckle up racing fans – Hero MotoCorp just unveiled an ultra exclusive commemorative edition motorcycle tailor-made for collectors and performance junkies alike. Get ready for the Hero CE001 – an elite tribute bike so wildly rare that owning one instantly puts you in one of the most elite biking clubs imaginable.

Only 100 units will ever be produced, etched with a limited edition serial marking cementing membership in this esteemed club. By now you must be wondering: what heroic two-wheeled beast is worthy of such regal, restricted treatment?


Built upon the potent framework of the formidable Karizma XMR yet imbued with a level of bespoke luxury and performance that exceeds its robust foundations, the CE001 epitomizes exclusivity on two wheels. Racing royalty right out of the box thanks to a special limited paint job that turns heads on glance one. Boasting a bounty of hand picked performance parts curating an ensemble of cutting-edge racing tech straight from the MotoGP machine wishlist.

And the masterful minds behind this mechanical monarch? None other than the imaginative innovation team at Hero MotoCorp, who dared to dream beyond the boundaries of existing elite offerings on the road today. They envisioned and delivered Hero’s most prestigious bike to date – one ramping with record breaking exclusive appeal and unmatched racing flair.

In-Depth Analysis of the Hero MotoCorp CE001 Motorcycle

The CE001 stands for “commemorative edition” and represents Hero MotoCorp’s first foray into producing an extremely limited run motorcycle model. By only making 100 units available, the company hopes to create exclusivity and highlight the tribute to Dr. Munjal.

Some key specs and details currently known about the CE001:

  • Semi-fairing design inspired by the original Karizma model
  • Extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber components
  • Akrapovic exhaust system likely contributes to weight savings
  • 210cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine estimated at 25bhp, 20Nm
  • Performance may exceed standard Karizma XMR due to weight drops

The CE001 features a host of premium parts setting it apart from other Hero models. Combined with the ultra exclusivity, the CE001 aims directly at affluent collectors and racing enthusiasts.

CE001 Compared to Other Hero MotoCorp Offerings

How does the CE001 stack up to Hero MotoCorp’s other offerings? As a limited edition model, it best compares to other premium Hero models:

Xpulse 200 4V Rally Edition: Off-road focused dual-sport model with premium components. More affordable at roughly $3,000 vs. the CE001 likely priced over $10,000.

Karizma R: Sport touring motorcycle powered by a fuel-injected 223cc engine. Features dual channel ABS. Lacks the exclusivity and carbon components of the CE001.

XPulse 200: Popular affordable adventure bike starting around $1,500. Much more modest performance and componentry compared to the CE001.

The CE001 outclasses other Hero models based on its use of high-end parts and exclusivity factor. But it comes at a steep price in contrast to Hero’s typically value-focused offerings.

The Hero MotoCorp CE001 limited edition motorcycle will have a significant impact on motorcycle enthusiasts in several ways:

Exclusivity Appeal
The ultra-limited production run of just 100 units will make the CE001 extremely exclusive and rare. This level of exclusivity will be very appealing to enthusiasts who take pride in owning something truly unique. Being able to own something most other riders don’t have access to creates bragging rights.

Taxation of Collectability
As a high-end collectors item, the CE001 caters directly to enthusiasts who appreciate the commemorative and specialty nature of the model. Owning such a motorcycle is as much about investing in collectability as it is about riding capabilities. There will be strong demand from collectors willing to pay a premium.

Signaling Potential for Higher-End Models
The CE001 suggests that Hero MotoCorp may be starting to take more risks and explore moving further into luxury and performance segments. By proving demand exists for exclusive expensive models like the CE001, it paves the way for Hero to tap into top-tier categories they have historically shied away from. This signals Hero’s potential future capabilities to enthusiasts.

Benchmark for Innovation
Creating something like the CE001 shows that Hero has the technical expertise and design capabilities to produce truly special models. Such a halo product raises perceptions of Hero’s engineering talent. Enthusiasts will see the CE001 as a benchmark for innovation that might influence future motorcycle development.

The extreme rarity and commemorative nature of the CE001 makes it highly prized by collectors and racing purists alike. It also hints at an evolving brand identity from Hero MotoCorp that motorheads are excited to see unfold. Owning this bike carries substantial enthusiast cache on multiple levels.

Pros and Cons of the Hero MotoCorp CE001


  • Exclusive limited production run motorcycle
  • Striking design and aesthetics
  • High-end parts like carbon fiber components
  • Akrapovic exhaust contributes performance
  • Tribute to company founder Dr. Munjal


  • Very expensive price tag.
  • Limited availability with only 100 units
  • Power and performance may still be limited
  • High cost compared to other Hero models

The CE001’s exclusivity and premium components come at the cost of extremely high pricing and limited availability. It offers prestige and collectability more so than performance value.

Conclusion and Analysis of the CE001 Special Edition Motorcycle

Hero MotoCorp has produced a compelling new offering in the CE001. The limited production exclusivity and connection to the company’s founder help justify what will surely be a staggering price tag. As Hero’s first commemorative special edition motorcycle, it makes an intriguing addition to the company’s typically affordable lineup.

The CE001 provides an aspirational product for Hero as the company continues expanding into higher volume segments. It now gives the brand more leverage to produce additional premium models, albeit with higher production runs. If exclusivity and collectability are priorities, the CE001 will satisfy. But performance seekers may still find it lacking compared to offerings from other manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions About the CE001

FAQ: How much will the CE001 cost?
While pricing has not been announced, industry estimates expect it will in premium bracket based on the exclusivity and use of high-end parts.

FAQ: When will the CE001 go on sale?
Hero announced the CE001 would launch and go on sale in July 2024.

FAQ: How can I buy the CE001 limited edition motorcycle?
Hero said the 100 units of the CE001 would only be sold online once released, likely via an online application process.

If you’re interested to learn more about the CE001 or be alerted when purchase registration opens up, sign up on Hero MotoCorp’s website to get the latest updates.

This exclusive new motorcycle pays tribute to Hero’s founder while offering luxury, performance and exclusivity for affluent collectors and racing enthusiasts. Don’t miss your chance to own this limited edition model – sign up today!


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