Angel Sánchez

Analysis of Dainese Group’s Strategic Changes

Key Takeaways:

  • Leadership Transition: The introduction of Angel Sánchez as the CEO and the transition of Cristiano Silei to a non-executive chairman role is indicative of the company’s intent to bring in fresh perspectives, especially from an industry outsider with a diverse background.
  • Angel Sánchez’s Background:
  • Diverse Experience: Sánchez’s experience spans the food & beverage industry with Conserve Italia and consumer product manufacturing with ABM Italia and Keter. This varied background can provide a fresh perspective to Dainese’s operations, marketing, and strategic planning.
  • Proven Track Record: His achievements, especially in doubling the EBITDA at Conserve Italia and successfully navigating the sale of ABM Italia, showcase his ability to steer companies towards growth and profitability.
  • Strategic Focus: Sánchez’s statement emphasizes:
  • Brand Harnessing: Utilizing the strength of Dainese, AGV, and TCX brands to foster growth.
  • D2C Expansion: He is keen on enhancing the direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels, reflecting the current global trend of businesses wanting to have a direct rapport with their consumers.
  • Market Expansion: The intention to grow in high-potential markets like China showcases the brand’s vision to tap into burgeoning economies.


  • Investments & Expansion:
  • Asian Focus: Establishing a presence in China and setting up a production facility in Vietnam in 2022 indicates Dainese’s recognition of Asia as a pivotal market for the future.
  • Financial Health: With a topline revenue of approximately $314 million in 2022, Dainese has been successful in maintaining profitability. The backing of global investment firm Carlyle also provides it with a robust financial base.


  • Brand Evolution: With Sánchez at the helm, we might witness Dainese diversifying its product line, perhaps entering areas they haven’t tapped into or refreshing its current lineup with a more modern appeal.
  • Market Dynamics: The focus on D2C channels may change the company’s interaction with traditional retailers and might lead to the company investing more in its online platforms or even standalone flagship stores.
  • Global Strategy: The intended focus on markets like China could mean a diversification of product offerings to cater to local tastes, requirements, and regulations.
  • R&D and Innovation: With the background of Sánchez in various consumer products, there might be an increased emphasis on product innovation, marrying functionality with aesthetics.


In conclusion, the leadership and strategic changes at Dainese Group signify an exciting phase of evolution for the brand. With an intent to tap into emerging markets and expand their direct consumer reach, Dainese seems poised for a promising future in the motorcycle gear and apparel industry.


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