Steve Plater rides classic six cylinder Honda RC166 during TT Lap

 Steve Plater rides classic six cylinder Honda RC166 during TT Lap

In this 360-degree video, Dave Roper turns over the controls of Team Obsolete’s valuable Honda RC166 to Steve Plater for an emotional lap around the Snaefell Mountain course—well, an incomplete lap in any case.

Broadly ridden by Jim Redman, Mike Hailwood, and “Little” Ralph Bryans, the RC166 is ostensibly the most renowned Honda racer ever. Hailwood adulated the bicycle for its speed—it was useful for 155 mph—however censured its not as much as steady taking care of. Regardless, he won the 1966 and ’67 250 titles on it.

The high pitched yell of the 250 six should be heard at a NSFW volume. Snatch your earphones. Be that as it may, its supernatural scream is just its half. The 250 six is one mean cuss. Note how troublesome the thing is to get off the line… and after that prop it up. Since the RC166’s crankshaft is so light, shutting the throttle murders the motor.

Plater first kills it going into Ballacraine (around the six-minute stamp) and the strain’s composed everywhere all over.Adjusting the corner, slipping the grasp to flame it back up, and revving the RC’s guts out, Plater gives a toothy smile and overflowing shout to the group.

Undaunted, he keeps it stuck through Kirk Michael, strafing the checks, tachometer skipping over 17,000 rpm. Ruthless. Splendid. Wonderful.Plater makes it to Ramsey before killing the motor for the last time, smiling underneath his goggles and pudding dish cap. The bicycle’s unpredictable nature features the cost of development, of yielding rideability for out and out execution—a sign of the period.

Doubtlessly, it was an enthusiastic, unique ride for Plater. You simply get the feeling that he was all the while squeezing himself and peeing himself the whole time.

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Source: Sportrider and Pinterest

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