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Brutal BMW Bimmer Concepts by Fabian Brees

Fabian Brees is not new on our website. However, his skills are. Every time we observe, something new comes from this guy. Before jumping to his latest work. Let’s look at some of his past work. Pelikan Based in Belgium, Fabian is a passionate industrial designer with a keen interest in things that move. Inspired by […]Read More

EV Concept ” Honda CX500 ” by Fabian Brees

It isn’t the first time that we are talking about Fabian. In March 2019, Fabian came up with an exciting design called Pelikan. In recent designs, we are seeing many designers adopted the “Biomimicry. “It is something that imitates systems, models, and other components of nature like animals, birds. Yamaha has used in there latest […]Read More

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