Fabian Brees is not new on our website. However, his skills are. Every time we observe, something new comes from this guy.

Before jumping to his latest work. Let’s look at some of his past work.


Based in Belgium, Fabian is a passionate industrial designer with a keen interest in things that move. Inspired by the Pelikan.

The fact that the
bodywork could expand -like a pelican’s beak- to hold extra battery range motivated the name choice, and also they’re fun animals. 


This made Fabian give the name of this bicycle as Pelikan. The sentiment was driven to create a unique bicycle with a sculpted body somewhere between motorcycles and bicycles. 

Instead of hiding all electronic elements, Fabian wanted to use the battery and the motor as visual centerpieces for the bike.

Fabian says, “When he began sketching, his personal vision was to design the iPod of eBikes: A large block with minimal design features and a bright color palette. It didn’t really work the way I intended, and I got bored of it awfully fast”.

Honda CX500 Concept

When we asked Fabian about his Honda CX500 Concept work. Let’s see what he has to say.

“It is just a never-ending-spare-time project. I was playing with the idea of creating my café racer from a bike that I could afford.

 It’s still a work in progress, and everything is subject to change. 

But it’s getting there! I hope to build it in real life this year. Just have to convince my girlfriend ;).”

Brutal Bimmers

His latest creation is three new concepts of Brutal Bimmers that are “K100, R nine T, and R80”.

  • BMW K 100 Concept: The concept is a futuristic cafe racer. The side view looks like the bike is starred in Star War movies. With the notable small LED light that it gets in the rear.
  • R nine T: Another scrambler offroad and cafe racer concept that looks versatile and has two-tone paint scheme light grey and black with red lines.

  • R80: It does look like a sports bike without a fairing with sharp lines.

    The fuel tank is sleek with some new designs for the front and rear mudguards. The exhaust pipes are long, black and get the classic look.

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