First impressions “Is that really a Jawa ?”.Swatch coming with worlds thinnest watch “Swatch Skin” the same goes with this Jawa it is lighter, thinner, sleeker and bold. The bike looks more graceful as you look at each grandeur component of it . How do you fit in Jawa 350 engine in this frame well its a pure art .

Henry Schulze’s design is splendid and has long lasting effect on your memory and specialist Marvin Diehl has helped in creating the frame and unique suspension geometry of this smooth sleeker.

What makes this Jawa a art?


Weighing just 90 kgs  this thin speedster is supported by a two-cylinder, two-stroke motor from a 1964 Jawa 350 and a hand crafted frame. The entire assembly is joined with limited 23-inch smooth tires and truth be told, not many explicitly conveyed connection parts. KRT Framework are venture accomplices for the creation of the body and wacky fork development. This Czech twin engine produces power of 18 hp.

So normally, the developers dependably keep in the back of their mind to fabricate a bike, which is aligned to conventional qualities. Jawa smoothly passes on a feeling of simplicity and bliss that associates Urban Motor.

You can’t think a better name for this bike than “Easy Like Sunday Morning “. This build made by Urban Motor based in Germany is collaboration of science with art. Priced at $ 68,472.00 this is a rare collectors edition and your drawing room will be privileged to have this piece of art in it.

Pic Source : Spanner Gurus

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