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Honda patent reveals a hidden camera tech in future motorcycles.

Honda has filed a patent for a new Hidden Camera System. This system allows the motorcycle to detect obstacles, and it will alert the rider to take action. Radar technology has now become a reality for motorcycles. To welcome the technology, a pioneer in this field is the new Ducati Multistrada V4. Trend The new Ducati […]Read More

FB Mondial is working on the new naked 125cc motorcycle

FB Mondial is working on the small new 125cc street naked displacement motorcycle. And to support the hypothesis, we have images, and they emerge from China. The patent drawings how FB Mondial wants to structure their new 125cc motorcycle. If we see the portfolio of FB Mondial, they have seven different motorcycles, and they range […]Read More

The new patent shows Suzuki in the process to build

News of Suzuki’s turbocharger project came last in 2013. However, Suzuki has kept mum about their project since then. Suzuki reveals more on its 2021 Hayabusa Triumph unveils new 2021 Street Twin Triumph India unveiled its new Bonneville Street Twin Turbo project By the way, turbo-related patents are regularly filed for recursion engines, and Suzuki has […]Read More

Will Harley Davidson push 338R in production in China?

A few days ago we had published about the 350cc Harley Davidson. And we are sure everyone knows Harley’s intent of bringing the bike in the 350cc segment. However, they should have done before nevertheless now our folks from Bennetts had spied the 338R in the flesh. Dubbed as ‘Harley Davidson 338R’, the motorcycle pictures went […]Read More

Honda’s files for pre-chamber ignition patent

Will Honda Fire-blade get the Formula 1 pre-chamber ignition tech? Honda has come with a pre-chamber ignition patent design which comes typically used in Formula 1 cars. Intrinsic Formula 1 liveries on MotoGP bikes When MotoGP meets Formula 1 Tacita brings the electric Rally Racer The all new MV Agusta Brutale Serie Oro The objective […]Read More

BMW files another intelligent patent

Lately, BMW is filing some intelligent patents and few among them are. BMW’s intelligent hybrid motorcycle patent Patent on Supercharger The electric patent which replaces the standard way The patent to charge electric motorcycles Another intelligent patent Now we do see something more from BMW. However, BMW directly files a patent which is related to […]Read More

Honda’s patent for 125cc electric bike

Honda is undoubtedly trying to think more and Honda will have to believe as its Japanese rivals are already in the electric race. Kawasaki Last EICMA we saw Kawasaki unveiling their electric project. The faired electric bike for which Kawasaki had unveiled multiple videos as well.  The design looks very close to Ninja 650 although displacement […]Read More

Double wishbone patent from Honda

Patent around Honda handle “Providing a steering structure for a saddle-ride type vehicle that facilitates mounting on a small vehicle by suppressing the amount of front-rear offset between the steering wheel head pipe and the steering head pipe.” A patent filed in September 2018. A suspension arm 16 extending forward from the head portion 2 […]Read More

Is Harley Davidson building an electric scooter?

Concept Teased in Jan 2019, the Harley electric concept. Out of two, one of the ideas was the electric Scooter concept. The objective of these lightweight electric ideas is for an urban future by being commonly simple to ride – no grasp, no moving, lightweight, and with the aim of no bike permit required to work. […]Read More

More details on 2020 Honda CBR250R

New CBR250R to arrive soon. Here are its patents  “In the turn indicator mounting structure for a saddle-ride type vehicle, the load when an external force applies to the turn indicator is reduced.  The tilting range of the turn indicator gets widened, and the degree of freedom of the cowl shape becomes extensive.” “A direction […]Read More

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