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When will Aprilia RS660 arrive in India?

When will Aprilia RS 660 arrive in India? It is a big question that we had. And as we try to find out when will RS660 come in India.  We would also like to highlight the crucial milestones of RS660. Here are the critical milestones of new Aprilia RS 660. Concept and Commercial Model We […]Read More

Aprilia unveils prices for its 2020 models

Aprilia has unveiled its few models like RS 660, and they had also showcased the Tuono 660 concept at EICMA 2019. The RS 660 comes with 660cc para-twin engine. This para-twin DOHC engine makes use of the 270 – crankshaft.  270 architecture lets one piston to halt while the other may run in parallel. It also helps the traction […]Read More

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