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Do we see the end of scooters from Suzuki?

Rumors are widening that Suzuki will end production of all scooters by the end of 2020. Interview with Guillaume Vuillardot, Commercial Director of a subsidiary in France (Suzuki?). Suzuki plans to review it’s commuter vehicle (scooter) strategy thoroughly. Some models will be out of production at the end of 2020. Others will come out The […]Read More

Suzuki unveils Saluto 125 cc scooter with 10 hp of

Suzuki announced the new retro scooter, Saluto 125. The base used for this scooter is SWISH. Since the base is SWISH, there are more chances that it arrives in Japan. Saluto 125 is unveiled in Taiwan at Motor Show. Let’s take a closer look at the information on its release date, specs, and more.Specs and […]Read More

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