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2021 Suzuka 8 hours endurance race schedule

In 2020 multiple motorcycle events are cancelled. However, the good news is we now have the information related to the 2021 Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race. Honda teases 2021 CB1000r Zach Bolena Powerplay of Turbochargers Daring adventure by Heather Ellis KTM 390 adventure review Recently the organizing committee of Suzuka 8 Hours endurance road […]Read More

2020 Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race postponed

It is postponed, not cancelled. However, what happens in future is something we cannot predict. Source: FIM World Endurance Championship Series Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Road Race | Suzuka Circuit Suzuka 8 hours endurance road race postponed 7月16日(木)~19日(日)開催予定でありました「“コカ・コーラ”#鈴鹿8耐」を10月30日(金)~11月1日(日)に延期いたします。併催予定の「鈴鹿4耐」は開催を中止いたします。各種チケットにつきましては、代替開催日程で有効となるほか、払い戻しも承ります。https://t.co/GwDSMy98cM#鈴鹿サーキット pic.twitter.com/GiILfsnvdr — 鈴鹿サーキット (@suzuka_event) April 27, 2020 FIM EWC 2019-2020 日本鈴鹿8時間耐久レース開催日を変更致します。 pic.twitter.com/XWWb39RPZI — FIM EWC JAPAN (@fimewc_JAPAN) April […]Read More

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