Yes, you are correct. Europe’s motorcycle licensing rules are generally stricter than the US, often requiring riders to progress through a tiered licensing system. 

The A1 class is typically the starting point for young or novice riders. It limits them to riding bikes with an engine capacity of 125cc or less and a maximum power output of 11 kW (approximately 15 horsepower).

Despite these limitations, the 125cc segment of motorcycles is popular in Europe, as it offers a good balance of performance, fuel efficiency, and affordability. 


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Many manufacturers produce bikes in this segment mimic the styling and features of their larger, more powerful counterparts, giving riders a taste of the sporty, aggressive styling popular in the motorcycle industry.

The 125cc segment is also popular because it allows riders to develop their skills and gain experience before progressing to larger, more powerful bikes. This can help improve road safety, ensuring riders understand the fundamentals of riding before pushing the limits of more powerful machines.

It’s great to see manufacturers offering smaller displacement options for entry-level riders who may be intimidated by larger, more powerful bikes. The Yamaha XSR125 and Kawasaki Ninja 125 are great examples of this, as they offer the same stylish design and technology as their larger counterparts but in a more manageable package.


SRV 125

The QJ Motor SRV 125 is an exciting addition to this market segment, as it offers a unique cruiser style not commonly found in smaller displacements. This bike could be an excellent option for riders interested in the cruiser style but may need more time to handle the weight and power of larger bikes.

Overall, the trend towards smaller displacement motorcycles is positive, as it allows more people to get into riding and experience the joys of two-wheeled transportation.

QJ Motor SRV 125 has a well-designed engine balances power and efficiency for its class. With a 125cc engine producing 15 horsepower, the bike should be able to handle city and highway riding, and the six-speed gearbox should allow for smooth and flexible power delivery.

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What comes as standard?

The SRV 125 has standard front and rear disc brakes with ABS, providing the rider with the necessary stopping power and safety.

At 150 kilograms, the SRV 125 is on the heavier side for a 125cc bike, but the low seat height of 70 centimetres should make it easy for riders of all sizes to handle the bike confidently.

Overall, the QJ Motor SRV 125 is a well-rounded motorcycle with a good mix of style, performance, and safety features for entry-level riders.

Electronic package

QJ Motor has equipped the SRV 125 with modern tech features like full LED lighting and a fully digital LCD instrument cluster with a USB socket. These features are not typically found on entry-level motorcycles, so QJ Motor has included them on the SRV 125.

The price point of 3,399 Euros, or about $3,741, is also very competitive for a beginner-friendly cruiser with these features. And the three-year warranty is a bonus should provide peace of mind to riders new to motorcycling.

The QJ Motor SRV 125 offers a lot of value for its price, with a good mix of style, performance, and technology features should appeal to entry-level riders looking for a cruiser-style motorcycle.

Source: QJ Motors

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