Back in school, we used to copy our friends’ homework, but what if we combined two different assignments? It could result in a confusing mess. This same principle can be seen in the Jonway YY400, a peculiar cruiser hailing from China. 

China is famous for copying designs from other countries to build up their industries, which explains the odd appearance of this vehicle.

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Jonway YY400

The Jonway YY400 doesn’t quite meet the standards I had in mind. Although the Chinese motorcycle industry is known for producing exceptional machines, this one impressed me less than I thought it would.

The design combines Harley-Davidson and Indian, which some people may find too flashy. While personal preferences vary, I don’t see the Jonway YY400 as my ideal choice.

After examining the YY 400, I noticed intricate designs on the cylinder heads, alloy wheels, and frames that seemed to be heavily influenced by Indian motorcycles. 

Harley and Indian

However, the headlight and fuel tank could be better copied from a Harley-Davidson. It’s pretty bold of them to mimic the tank design and even include “China Jonway” in a similar style to the Harley Sportster S. 

Additionally, Jonway is marketing the YY400 as an adventure cruiser, despite its promotional material showing it riding on sand.

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Performance specs

The bike’s performance leaves much to be desired, especially with its relatively weak 398cc V-twin engine that only produces 32 horsepower. This is quite a letdown considering the bike’s otherwise robust and muscular appearance. 


Additionally, the bike’s tech features are pretty basic and unremarkable, consisting of standard components from Chinese manufacturers such as an LED headlight, digital display, and USB charging socket. 

Even more concerning is that the package only costs around $3,858, making it seem even sketchier than it already is.

Source : Motorradonline

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