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Kentauros brings ‘ FRR1200 ‘ concept

Denton Performance and Kentauros collaborate to bring something fresh. Let’s see what they have to say. “Over the next year, we will strive to create a different look at what an FTR1200 “reimagined” can be as a road race machine. Crazy Garage’s endurance war horse Yamaha unveils 2020 WR155R Remy Gardner takes the pole Roland […]Read More

Roland Sands presents the King of Baggers

Baggers are not something you often see on the tracks. However, there is nothing impossible when Roland Sands, S&S Cycle and Indian Motorcycles come together to beat the myth that Baggers cant race on the track. The challenge to bring Baggers on track is they are altogether a different class of segment. In short, Baggers […]Read More

2021 Indian Motorcycle Jack Daniel’s Roadmaster Dark Horse limited edition

The Jack Daniel’s Roadmaster Dark Horse limited edition comes standard with a full suite of premium amenities. Including the all-new Pathfinder LED Adaptive Headlight and Pathfinder S LED Driving Lights.  The new Pathfinder LED Adaptive Headlight senses the bike’s lean angle. And activates individual LED projector beams to provide unprecedented visibility. With 15 individual beams, and […]Read More

Indian Motorcycle industry in March 2020

Global pandemic COVID-19 has gone berserk since January 2020, showing no respite to the economy. What we could see is a global recession heading our way. In the past we have been talking about the motorcycle industry and how will COVID-19 impact specifically the Indian Motorcycle Industry. In our last article, we compared the YOY […]Read More

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