Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the pinnacle of the sport, with the world’s top manufacturers, teams, and riders competing for the ultimate prize. With such high stakes, the speeds can be breakneck, so MotoGP organizers, Dorna Sports, prioritize safety above all else. 


They understand the importance of ensuring that riders are protected, so they have strict safety regulations to keep everyone safe on the track. It’s incredible to watch these talented riders push the limits of what’s possible while maintaining safety at their minds’ forefront.

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Are you aware of the revolutionary Mips-equipped Kabuto F17 Racing helmet? It’s creating a stir in the world of motorcycle safety. The International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has been striving to standardize helmets under its FIM Racing Homologation Programme (FRHP) for years to promote advanced technologies to ensure the safety of riders. 

However, Mips (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) has just been addressed. In 2023, Aleix Espargaro, a seasoned MotoGP veteran and Aprilia rider, will introduce the Mips-equipped Kabuto F17 Racing helmet. It’s thrilling to witness new developments in helmet technology that can aid in protecting riders on the road.


Mips CEO Max Strandwitz said

“By its nature, the MotoGP class pushes everyone and everything involved with it to the limit, and that’s part of the reason why it’s known around the world to be the pinnacle of track racing. Having recognition on a global platform of the Mips safety system, and with Aleix as an advocate, is fully in line with our mission of leading the world to safer helmets.”

The Kabuto helmet features an innovative Mips Integra TX system that integrates a low friction layer into the helmet’s padding, which helps to mitigate both impact and rotational forces during a crash.

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The Mips-equipped Kabuto helmet achieves this by allowing slip between planes within the helmet, which helps to reduce the amount of force transferred to the rider’s head. Additionally, the F17 Racing model from Kabuto maintains comfort for the rider while still providing superior protection during a crash.

It’s great to see helmet technology advancements, especially when protecting riders from serious injuries. The Mips Integra TX system is just one example of how manufacturers constantly strive to improve their products to keep riders safe and on track.

Espargaro said

I’m proud to be the first MotoGP rider to use the Mips safety system with my Kabuto helmet. Since using the Mips system, I have not noticed any difference in the helmet’s comfort, but I feel safer riding in the MotoGP. 

As you all know, Mips’ systems have been used in cycling for years, and from now on, I will also use the Mips system in the world’s premier motorcycle championship, and I’m happy to help by sharing my experience. In my opinion, bringing Mips into our sport helps put a needed spotlight on helmet safety.”

Source: Mips and Kabuto


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