Classic Legends manufactures Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles and has recently updated their models. These updates include compliance with BS6 Phase 2 (OBD-2) emissions norms and changes to improve the refinement and rideability of the bikes.

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Price hike

The price hikes for these updates range between Rs 1,000-6,000, which may vary depending on the model. For Jawa models, the engine components and mapping are reworked to improve performance and efficiency. As for Yezdi motorcycles, the company has equipped them with larger rear sprockets to enhance their rideability.


It’s good to see manufacturers comply with stricter emissions norms while improving their products’ quality and performance. These updates may result in higher consumer costs but could also lead to a better riding experience in the long run.

New updates

Jawa 42, 42 Bobber, and Perak models are the ones to receive these updates. In addition to the emissions updates, Jawa has made several improvements to these models to enhance their performance and rideability. 

The reworked engine components, larger throttle body, and remapped engines contribute to better NVH levels and a smoother, more efficient ride.

The larger exhaust ports and new muffler on the 42 models also improve the exhaust note, adding to the overall riding experience. Finally, the 42 now features an assist-and-slipper clutch, which can make gear changes smoother and more accessible, especially during downshifts.

These updates should make the Jawa models more appealing to riders looking for a high-quality, efficient, and comfortable motorcycle.

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Yezdi, too is updated.

Yezdi line-up has also received similar updates to improve NVH levels and acceleration. The larger rear sprocket should improve tractability, making riding the bikes easier.

It’s worth noting due to these updates; prices have gone up for all the Yezdi models. The price increase ranges between Rs 1,000-6,000, with an average hike of around Rs 4,000. 

It’s always disappointing to see prices increase, but it’s important to remember these updates should improve the overall performance and longevity of the bikes, which may be worth the additional cost for some riders.

Below is the complete price list, which should help potential buyers make an informed decision when considering these updated models.

Source : Autocar India



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