In the 1930s, Mercedes-Benz caused a sensation with the T80, an audacious six-wheeled concept vehicle propelled by the DB-601 aircraft engine derivative from the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter jet. Today, this legendary vehicle is proudly showcased at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. 


While nothing quite like it has been seen since a digital artist’s concept is drawing attention. Picture a matte black T80, a Batmobile-esque creation could inspire The Batman – Part II movie, slated for release in 2025. It’s a daring notion could be unforgettable if executed with precision.

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I greatly respect this designer’s remarkable talent for crafting intricate and lifelike designs on the digital canvas. Yasid’s latest Mercedes concept is impressive, drawing inspiration from the T80’s exceptional flexibility and his passion for World War 2 aircraft. Fusing these elements results in a unique and exhilarating design, setting it apart from the rest.

Its inspiration is derived from various WW2 planes, rendering it a unique masterpiece. The elongated front end, canopy-style greenhouse, and rear wing all bear witness to the vintage fighter plane influence. 



The exhausts on the front side resemble a fighter plane, making for a truly breathtaking spectacle. One can’t help but be impressed with how designers can conjure up something entirely novel by drawing inspiration from different sources.

The Mercedes boasts a commanding V12 engine protruding from the hood, exuding an aggressive appearance reminiscent of dragsters and muscle cars. Its door features a bubble canopy design  guarantees unobstructed visibility and streamlined aerodynamics when cruising at high speeds. 

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Tailfin equipped

Nonetheless, some passengers with claustrophobia may find it constraining, despite its airtight construction. Furthermore, the car comes equipped with a tailfin functions as a rudder, providing stability and preventing loss of control in the unlikely event the traction control system malfunctions.

This car’s design is stunning! The muscular body curves around the middle and opens up towards the rear is a sight to behold, especially with its sleek and dynamic silver and yellow skin. 

While the yellow inserts on the front grille are a nice touch, they could be improved with a more subtle fade out to match the concept body’s fluidic nature. Overall, this design is awe-inspiring.


Source: Al Yasid

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