Take part in the latest GASGAS #TrialChallenge

Take part in the latest GASGAS #TrialChallenge

So far, #TrialChallenge has mixed in well-known tricks with some complex tasks, and for May, we’re back with something that everyone can try – the classic wheelie! Keep it controlled, nice and slow, and maybe throw in some style if you can for your chance to win a fabulous €300 GASGAS voucher. As always, entering couldn’t be easier. 

GASGAS Challenge


Film your efforts, then post the best one on your Instagram feed with #TrialChallenge in the caption and tagging two buddies. Easy right? Get poppin’ those wheelies and join in on the action this May.

  • Get involved in #TrialChallenge number four
  • The winner will receive a fabulous €300 GASGAS voucher!
  • Check out last month’s winning #TrialChallenge entry here.

Everyone loves to pop a wheelie while out riding, so entering this month’s #TrialChallenge should be super-easy! The rules are pretty relaxed. 

All you need to do is a cruise along on your back wheel, get it filmed and uploaded on Instagram, and then at the end of May, we’ll go through all the entries and pick a winner. Our challenges aren’t all about how well you can ride a trail bike or wheelie; they’re also set to encourage you to join in and compete online in a global battle every month!

If you need some expert tips on how to wheelie or refine your skills further, check out this video on our YouTube channel, where trial legend Albert Cabestany shares his knowledge on how to ride along on the back wheel in a controlled and controlled and stylish manner.


The best entry will always win a fabulous €300 voucher on GASGAS Technical Accessories and Apparel. Not bad, hey! So, if you’re keen to participate in this challenge, these are the simple rules to follow.

  • Upload a video of you completing the challenge onto Instagram
  • Add #TrialChallenge in the caption
  • Tag two friends and let the global battle begin!

Stay tuned to our Instagram account, as we’ll be sharing some of the best entries throughout the month to highlight a few of the contenders in the running for the €300 voucher. Who knows, it could be you!

Not sure if you’re ready for #TrialChallenge? Don’t worry; we have a complete ‘how-to’ trial riding video tutorial series explicitly to help riders develop and master essential trial riding skills.

Check out The GASGAS Trial Guides ‘how-to’ video tutorial series on the GASGAS website!


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