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Tesla Cybertruck Impresses at Buttonwillow Raceway

The Tesla Cybertruck’s recent showcase at Buttonwillow Raceway marks a significant milestone in electric vehicle performance. Equipped with Unplugged Performance parts, the all-electric pickup truck demonstrated its versatility and power, towing the Model S Plaid race car to the track and participating in high-speed runs.

Driven by EV race car driver Craig Coker, the Cybertruck, even with all-terrain tires and in Off-Road Baja Mode, exhibited impressive capabilities, overcoming its large size and stability control engagements.

Coker’s experience, filled with excitement and fun, highlighted the Cybertruck’s potential on the racetrack, suggesting areas for improvement such as a dedicated Track Mode and racing tires. This event underscores Tesla’s innovation in electric vehicles, hinting at the future potential of the Cybertruck, especially in its tri-motor variant, for high-performance and utility purposes.


Tesla’s ongoing efforts to push electric vehicles beyond environmental benefits into realms of exhilarating performance and versatility are reshaping perceptions and possibilities in the automotive world, positioning the Cybertruck as a multifaceted electric powerhouse.

Electric Truck

The Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla’s revolutionary all-electric pickup truck, recently made headlines with its impressive performance at Buttonwillow Raceway. This event marks a significant milestone in the world of electric vehicles, showcasing the Cybertruck’s capabilities beyond conventional expectations.

Unplugged Performance and Tesla’s Electric Showcase

At Buttonwillow, a range of Teslas, including the Unplugged Performance’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb Model S Plaid race car, were on display. Notably, the Tesla Cybertruck, outfitted with Unplugged Performance parts, was not just an exhibit but also a utility vehicle, as it towed the Model S Plaid racer to the track. This dual role of the Cybertruck, both as a performance machine and a functional utility vehicle, highlights Tesla’s innovative approach to electric vehicle design.

Cybertruck’s Track Debut: A Novelty in EV Racing

Given the unique design and capabilities of the Cybertruck, EV race car driver Craig Coker, well-versed with the Pikes Peak Model S Plaid racer, suggested testing the Cybertruck’s performance at Buttonwillow. This suggestion led to the Cybertruck being driven aggressively on the track, a scenario that was both a test of its capabilities and a demonstration of its versatility.

Craig Coker’s Driving Experience: Pushing the Cybertruck to Its Limits

Craig Coker’s experience with the Cybertruck at Buttonwillow was nothing short of exhilarating. Despite being equipped with all-terrain tires, the Cybertruck performed admirably. Coker noted, however, that the stability control of the all-electric pickup was frequently engaged during his aggressive driving. He also observed that the Cybertruck, given its size and design, behaved like a “boat” on the track, especially noticeable during turns. Despite these factors, Coker’s high-speed run in the Cybertruck was extremely enjoyable, leading to an experience filled with excitement and fun.

Insights on the Cybertruck’s Performance and Potential Improvements

Coker’s feedback provides valuable insights into the Cybertruck’s performance dynamics. It highlights areas where Tesla could focus on improvements. The Cybertruck used in this event was the Dual Motor AWD variant, which is not the fastest version available. Additionally, the lack of a dedicated Track Mode setting meant the vehicle had to be placed in Off-Road Baja Mode for its run. These factors suggest that with specific enhancements, such as a dedicated Track Mode and appropriate racing tires, the performance of the Cybertruck, especially in its more powerful tri-motor variant, could be significantly enhanced.

The Future of Tesla Cybertruck: Track Mode and Racing Capabilities

The possibility of Tesla introducing a dedicated Track Mode for the Cybertruck, along with other performance-focused features, is an exciting prospect. Such developments would not only enhance the Cybertruck’s appeal but also solidify its position as a versatile all-electric pickup capable of handling both utility tasks and high-performance track activities. The introduction of these features would be a testament to Tesla’s commitment to innovation and its ability to push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

Tesla’s Role in Redefining Electric Vehicle Performance

Tesla’s ventures, such as the performance of the Cybertruck at Buttonwillow, play a crucial role in redefining the capabilities of electric vehicles. By pushing electric vehicles into realms traditionally dominated by gasoline-powered cars, Tesla is changing the narrative around electric vehicles. This not only includes their environmental benefits but also their potential to deliver exhilarating performance and versatility.

Conclusion: Cybertruck’s Track Performance as a Sign of EV Evolution

The performance of the Tesla Cybertruck at Buttonwillow Raceway is more than just a showcase of a single vehicle’s capabilities. It represents a significant step in the evolution of electric vehicles. Tesla’s innovation, exemplified by the Cybertruck, demonstrates that electric vehicles can compete with, and in some cases surpass, traditional gasoline-powered vehicles in both utility and performance. As Tesla continues to innovate, the potential for electric vehicles to dominate various aspects of driving, including high-performance track racing, becomes increasingly plausible.

In conclusion, the Tesla Cybertruck’s outing at Buttonwillow Raceway is a noteworthy event in the automotive world, especially for enthusiasts and proponents of electric vehicles. It provides a glimpse into a future where electric vehicles like the Cybertruck are not just environmentally friendly alternatives but also high-performance machines capable of delivering thrilling driving experiences.

Embark on a journey into the world of electric vehicle excellence with the Tesla Cybertruck. Discover the extraordinary performance displayed at Buttonwillow Raceway, where this remarkable all-electric pickup truck proved its mettle. Explore its potential for exhilarating track experiences, high-speed runs, and versatile utility tasks, pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicles can achieve.

Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements, including the eagerly anticipated dedicated Track Mode and other exciting features that will take the Cybertruck’s performance to new heights. Join us as we redefine the future of electric vehicles. Get ready to drive into the next era with Tesla.


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