Tesla’s Cybertruck has appeared in Iceland

Tesla’s sensational and polarizing Cybertruck has been spotted in an unexpected location: the wilderness of Iceland. This comes as a surprise, as Tesla has not previously brought any of its vehicles to Iceland for testing or other purposes. In a short 20-second video clip, the Cybertruck can be seen chasing an SUV, which appears to be a camera car filming promotional footage of the Cybertruck manoeuvring through the snow and icy terrain of a glacier.

Promotional Footage


The video showcases the Cybertruck’s flawless navigation on the slippery glacier, indicating its readiness to handle extreme cold weather conditions. This is particularly noteworthy considering that the Cybertruck is far away from its usual testing grounds in California. Notably, Tesla has taken other models like the Model Y and Model X to cold weather locations, including the Arctic, for testing purposes.

New Zealand

Tesla has been exporting Cybertrucks to distant countries like New Zealand and now Iceland. The company has been actively conducting cold weather validation and calibration for the Cybertruck in New Zealand over the past few months. By sending a Cybertruck to Iceland’s glacier site, Tesla is likely achieving a dual purpose—testing its performance in cold weather and capturing striking images and footage for promotional use.



While Tesla typically conducts winter testing in Alaska, this year they’ve added New Zealand to their testing locations. The move to film the Cybertruck on an Icelandic glacier suggests the possibility of yet another testing site being added to the list. The diverse dataset collected from multiple winter testing facilities will be invaluable for Tesla’s ongoing vehicle development efforts and for improving their existing models to handle real-world cold weather challenges effectively.


Quality Commitment

This strategic approach aligns with Tesla’s aim to commence Cybertruck deliveries this year. The ongoing production of Cybertrucks at the Giga Texas factory, as shown by drone footage, indicates Tesla’s commitment to delivering on its promises. As reservation holders eagerly await the unique Tesla truck, the Cybertruck’s disruptive design and Tesla’s engineering prowess are set to reshape the pickup truck industry significantly.


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