The Tesla Model S Plaid has certainly set a benchmark in the electric vehicle (EV) world with its impressive performance figures.

Here are some takeaways and observations.

1. Performance: The figures you provided illustrate the power of electric motors, especially in their instantaneous torque delivery from a standstill. This is why EVs can achieve such rapid 0-60 mph times compared to most internal combustion engine vehicles.

2. Comparison with Traditional Cars: Even among supercars, a 0-60 mph time of around 2 seconds is outstanding. The Model S Plaid’s performance is comparable to, or even better than, many high-end sports cars, emphasizing that EVs aren’t just for eco-conscious drivers but can also satisfy performance enthusiasts.


3. Track Package: The Track Package seems to significantly enhance the car’s high-speed capabilities. It’s noteworthy how removing the rear seats and potentially other weight-saving measures can have such a pronounced effect on performance.


4. Variability: The slight variability in the numbers between different runs can be attributed to numerous factors, such as battery state of charge, ambient temperature, road conditions, and driver inputs. This underscores the importance of considering various test scenarios when assessing a vehicle’s performance.

5. EV Advantages: While electric vehicles’ instant torque and acceleration are undeniable advantages, it’s essential to remember other benefits, such as fewer moving parts leading to potentially reduced maintenance, zero emissions, and a quieter drive experience.



6. Price Reduction: The substantial price cuts for the Model S and its variants highlight Tesla’s ongoing efforts to make their EVs more accessible to a broader audience. As battery technology advances and manufacturing processes become more efficient, the cost savings are passed onto the consumers.

7.  Range: One of the significant critiques of EVs has been their range. However, with almost 400 miles on a single charge, the Tesla Model S has effectively addressed this concern for many potential buyers.


The data underscores the point that EV technology is rapidly evolving. As battery technology improves, we’ll likely see further enhancements in performance, range, and cost-effectiveness. The future of motoring is electric, and cars like the Tesla Model S Plaid exemplify the vast potential of this technology.

 AutoTopNL / Motorsport.tv

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