Tesla has launched a car scrappage scheme in the UK to encourage customers to trade their older petrol or diesel car models for new electric vehicles. 

The scheme offers customers a discount of £2,000 off purchasing a new Model 3 or Model Y if their trade-in vehicle is valued at less than £2,000. This discount is in addition to the vehicle’s trade-in value, so customers can receive a total discount of up to £3,500 if their trade-in value is lower than £2,000.




Tesla stated the purpose of the scrappage scheme is to support their mission of accelerating the transition to sustainable energy by removing petrol and diesel cars from UK roads through the trade-in process. To be eligible for the scheme, customers need confirmation that the trade-in quote for their vehicle is less than £2,000 between June 1 and June 30, 2023.

In addition to Tesla, Fiat has also introduced its own discount program in the UK to address the expiration of the government’s EV grant initiative. Fiat’s grant offers a sum of £3,000, double the amount of the previous £1,500 grant available at the end of its lifecycle. 


Fiat aims to incentivize individuals to transition to electric vehicles affordably, considering the cost-of-living crisis, rising costs, and the UK’s net-zero climate targets.

These initiatives by Tesla and Fiat reflect the efforts of car manufacturers to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and support the transition to sustainable transportation.

Managing Director of Fiat UK, Damien Dally, said: “There’s no doubt the government’s Plug-in Car Grant kickstarted the UK’s electric car revolution – it supported the sale of nearly half a million electric cars. However, with the cost-of-living crisis and rising cost of electric vehicles, coupled with our net zero climate targets, we believe more needs to be done to incentivize individuals to afford to make the switch.”


Both of these schemes are designed to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and support the transition to sustainable transportation. 

The cost of living crisis and the rising cost of electric vehicles are some of the challenges facing the adoption of electric vehicles. 

However, the government and car manufacturers are working to address these challenges and make electric vehicles more affordable and accessible.

Here is some additional information about the Tesla and Fiat UK scrappage schemes:

  • Tesla’s scrappage scheme is available for all Model 3 and Model Y models.
  • Fiat’s scrappage scheme is available for all its electric vehicles, including the Fiat 500e, Fiat 500X Hybrid, and Fiat Panda Electric.
  • To be eligible for either scheme, customers must have their trade-in vehicle inspected by a Tesla or Fiat dealer.
  • The dealer will determine the trade-in value of the vehicle.
  • The discount will be applied to the purchase price of the new electric vehicle.

Source: Electrifying, CarMagazine UKTesla

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