The evolution of electric vehicle charging infrastructure continues to be a focal point for the automotive industry’s transition towards sustainable transportation. Tesla, a pioneer in electric vehicles, has been at the forefront of this transformation with its Supercharging network. The latest advancement in this network, the V4 Tesla Supercharging dispensers, brings notable improvements and features to the charging experience.

We will explore the key elements of the V4 Supercharging stations, including the integrated CCS1 adapter, credit card reader, and display, as well as their global deployment and future potential. These innovations mark another significant step towards making electric vehicle charging more accessible and user-friendly for a wider range of drivers, both Tesla and non-Tesla owners alike.

Here’s a summary of the key points on V4 Supercharger

  • V4 Supercharging Dispensers: Tesla is deploying the new V4 Supercharging dispensers, which are being installed in several states, including Oregon, Nevada, and Alabama.
  • Magic Dock Adapter: The V4 stalls in the United States feature an integrated CCS1 adapter, also known as the Magic Dock. This adapter allows non-Tesla electric vehicle drivers to use the Tesla Supercharging network.
  • Credit Card Reader and Display: The new V4 dispensers in the United States are equipped with a credit card reader and a small display. This feature enables non-Tesla customers to pay for their charging directly at the dispenser, making it more convenient for occasional users.
  • Expansion of Magic Dock Sites: With the rollout of V4 Supercharging stations, there will be even more Magic Dock sites available for CCS1-compatible electric vehicles.
  • Authentication and Payment: Initially, non-Tesla EV users could authenticate and pay through the Tesla app. However, the addition of a credit card reader and display offers an additional method for direct access and payment.
  • Global Deployment: The deployment of V4 Superchargers is not limited to the United States. They are being installed globally, with examples like the recent installation of V4 stalls in Asia, specifically in Hong Kong.
  • Power Output: V4 Superchargers support a peak power output of up to 250 kW per vehicle, which is the same as the V3 Superchargers. Tesla has mentioned that the V4 stations are future-proofed and can accommodate updates and new features, including potentially increasing power output in the future.

The V4 Tesla Supercharging stations come with several benefits that contribute to the overall improvement of the electric vehicle charging experience. Here are some key advantages of V4 Tesla Supercharging:

  • Higher Charging Speed: V4 Superchargers support a peak power output of up to 250 kW per vehicle, which is on par with the V3 Superchargers. This high charging speed allows for quick replenishment of electric vehicle batteries, reducing charging time significantly.
  • Enhanced Accessibility for Non-Tesla EVs: The integrated CCS1 adapter, also known as the Magic Dock, makes it easier for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners to use the Supercharging network. This widens the network’s accessibility and encourages the adoption of electric vehicles beyond Tesla’s own customer base.
  • Convenient Payment Options: The inclusion of a credit card reader and a small display at V4 Supercharging stations simplifies the payment process for users. Non-Tesla drivers can pay directly at the station, eliminating the need to download and use the Tesla app.
  • Global Deployment: Tesla’s commitment to deploying V4 Supercharging stations globally ensures that electric vehicle owners have access to fast charging options in various regions, promoting long-distance travel and electric vehicle adoption worldwide.
  • Future-Proofing: Tesla has designed the V4 Superchargers to be future-proof, allowing for updates and new features. This adaptability ensures that the charging network can evolve to meet the needs of electric vehicles with higher-capacity batteries and advanced technologies.
  • Increased Convenience: The longer charging cables on V4 Superchargers are designed to reach various locations on different vehicle models, making it more convenient for drivers to connect their vehicles for charging, regardless of the charging inlet’s location on the vehicle.
  • Accelerating Sustainable Transportation: By expanding and improving its Supercharging network, Tesla contributes to the acceleration of sustainable transportation. Faster, more accessible charging infrastructure encourages more drivers to switch to electric vehicles, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Reducing Range Anxiety: The availability of high-speed Supercharging stations, especially on long-distance routes, helps alleviate range anxiety, making electric vehicle travel more practical and appealing to a broader range of consumers.


The deployment of V4 Tesla Supercharging dispensers represents a positive shift in the electric vehicle charging landscape. With integrated CCS1 adapters, credit card readers, and displays, these stations offer enhanced convenience for non-Tesla electric vehicle users, eliminating the need for complex account setups and app-based payments. As Tesla continues to expand the V4 network globally, the accessibility of fast charging for all-electric vehicle owners is on the rise.


Moreover, the promise of future updates and increased power output demonstrates Tesla’s commitment to staying at the forefront of electric vehicle infrastructure. The V4 Superchargers are not just a technological advancement but a testament to the company’s dedication to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable transportation.


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