Nio Alps Top Key points:

  • Alps’ first model will be the first under the Nio umbrella based on the next-generation platform NT 3.0.
  • The Alps model will go on sale in the second half of 2024 and will be built on production lines shared with Nio models.
  • Alps’ model development is based on a different philosophy than the Nio brand, which is aimed at the premium market, and will focus more on the family scenario.


The electric vehicle (EV) industry continues to evolve rapidly, with various automakers striving to capture a share of this burgeoning market. One such player making significant strides is Nio, a Chinese EV manufacturer known for its premium vehicles. In a bid to expand its offerings and reach a broader audience, Nio has introduced a mass-market sub-brand referred to as “Alps.”

This sub-brand is poised to introduce its first model, code-named “DOM,” and is taking steps closer to mass production. With a different product philosophy than the Nio brand, Alps aims to cater to the family-oriented segment of the market. This report explores the latest developments in the Alps project, the utilization of the advanced NT 3.0 platform, and Nio’s strategy to diversify its product lineup.


Here are the key points:

  • Pilot Production: Nio’s Alps sub-brand is preparing to start pilot production of its first model, code-named “DOM,” in mid-November. This indicates that the project is moving closer to mass production.
  • Platform: The DOM model will be the first under the Nio umbrella to utilize the next-generation platform NT 3.0. This platform is expected to come with upgrades, including an 800-volt high-voltage architecture for more efficient charging.
  • Production and Release: The Alps model is set to go on sale in the second half of 2024, and it will be produced on production lines shared with Nio models. This suggests that Alps vehicles will benefit from Nio’s manufacturing expertise.
  • Development Progress: The Alps project began the prototyping process in September, and it is progressing well. Nio’s founder and CEO, William Li, expressed confidence in the development of Alps models, with the first pilot test car already produced.
  • Product Philosophy: Nio’s Alps sub-brand is positioned differently from the premium-focused Nio brand. Alps will have a focus on family scenarios and may prioritize a smaller lineup of models with a stronger emphasis on sales for each car.
  • Nio Brand: The main Nio brand is also working on models based on the NT 3.0 platform, with the first one in the validation build phase and expected to enter the tooling trial phase in December.
  • Future Plans: Nio’s main brand is not planning new product launches in the upcoming year but will instead focus on regular model-year revisions, as the existing models are believed to meet the needs of the majority of premium segment users.

Pros of Nio’s Alps mass-market EV:

  • Affordability: The Alps brand is aimed at the mass market, so its vehicles are expected to be more affordable than Nio’s current premium models. This will make electric vehicles more accessible to a wider range of consumers.
  • Advanced technology: The Alps brand will be based on Nio’s next-generation NT 3.0 platform, which is expected to offer a number of advantages over the current NT 2.0 platform, including more efficient charging and longer range.
  • Strong brand reputation: Nio is a well-respected brand in the electric vehicle industry, and its customers are generally very satisfied with its products and services. This should give the Alps brand a strong foundation to build on.

Cons of Nio’s Alps mass-market EV:

  • New brand: The Alps brand is new, so it has yet to establish itself in the market. This could make it more difficult to attract customers, especially those who are already familiar with established brands.
  • Competition: The mass-market electric vehicle segment is becoming increasingly competitive, with a number of established automakers entering the market. This could make it difficult for the Alps brand to stand out from the competition.
  • Limited product lineup: Nio has said that the Alps brand will not have a large number of models. This could limit the brand’s appeal to consumers who are looking for a wider range of choices.


Nio’s venture into the mass-market segment through the Alps sub-brand represents a significant expansion of its electric vehicle portfolio. The imminent pilot production of the first Alps model, based on the cutting-edge NT 3.0 platform, underscores Nio’s commitment to technological innovation and market diversification.


As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow and evolve, Nio’s strategic approach of addressing both premium and mass-market segments positions it as a formidable player in the global EV landscape. With the first Alps model set to launch in the near future, it remains to be seen how Nio’s vision for family-oriented EVs will resonate with consumers and contribute to the company’s long-term success in this dynamic and competitive industry.


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