Kia EV5 Top Key Points:

  • Based on the E-GMP platform, with styling inspired by the larger EV9.
  • Futuristic design with boxy proportions.
  • Rear-hinged doors seen on the concept have been replaced with conventional ones.
  • A rear seat that can be folded flat and transformed into a bed.
  • 4.1-litre refrigerator.
  • 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system and a 5-inch climate control display.
  • Available in three variants: standard, long-range and long-range AWD.
  • Base trim uses a 215 BHP electric motor powered by a 64 kWh battery, with a claimed range of 530 km (CLTC cycle).
  • The long-range variant uses the same motor but gets a larger 88 kWh battery pack, with a claimed range of 720 km.
  • AWD variant has a dual motor setup paired with an 88 kWh battery, with a claimed range of 650 km.


The automotive industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the emergence of electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. In this exciting shift towards electrification, Kia, a well-known automobile manufacturer, recently unveiled a promising lineup of electric SUVs at their inaugural ‘Kia EV Day’ event.

Among these groundbreaking offerings is the Kia EV5, a vehicle designed to capture the essence of innovation and practicality in the EV landscape. In this article, we will delve deeper into the features and specifications of the Kia EV5, shedding light on its design, interior versatility, and the impressive range of options it offers.

Here’s a summary of the key points on the new EV5 :

  • Platform and Design: The Kia EV5 is based on the E-GMP platform and draws design inspiration from the larger EV9. It features a futuristic design with boxy proportions. Although the concept had rear-hinged doors, they have been replaced with conventional ones.
  • Interior Features: The interior of the EV5 is designed for versatility. The rear seat can be folded flat to create a bed, making it suitable for camping or resting during long journeys. It also includes a 4.1-liter refrigerator, a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and a 5-inch climate control display.
  • Variants: The Kia EV5 will come in three different variants:
    • Standard: This variant is equipped with a 215 BHP electric motor and a 64 kWh battery. It claims a range of 530 km according to the CLTC cycle.
    • Long-Range: The long-range variant also uses a 215 BHP electric motor but comes with a larger 88 kWh battery pack. It boasts an extended range of 720 km.
    • Long-Range AWD: This variant features a dual motor setup along with an 88 kWh battery, providing all-wheel drive capability. It has a range of 650 km on a single charge.

Pros of the Kia EV5:

  • Long range: The Kia EV5 has a claimed range of up to 720 km on the CLTC cycle, which is very impressive.
  • Spacious interior: The EV5 has a spacious interior with plenty of room for passengers and cargo.
  • Futuristic design: The EV5 has a futuristic design that is sure to turn heads.
  • Variety of features: The EV5 comes with a variety of useful features, such as a rear seat that can be folded flat into a bed, a 4.1-litre refrigerator, and a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
  • Affordable price: The Kia EV5 is expected to be priced competitively, making it a good value for the money.

Cons of the Kia EV5:

  • New model: The EV5 is a new model, so there is less information available about its reliability and long-term performance.
  • Limited charging infrastructure: Electric vehicles still require a specialized charging infrastructure, which can be limited in some areas.
  • Longer charging times: Electric vehicles typically take longer to charge than gasoline-powered vehicles.


As the automotive industry continues its transition towards a greener future, the Kia EV5 stands as a testament to innovation and versatility in electric vehicles. Built on the E-GMP platform and drawing inspiration from the larger EV9, the EV5 boasts a futuristic design that seamlessly combines style with functionality. Inside, its unique features, such as the fold-flat rear seat and refrigerator, demonstrate Kia’s commitment to redefining the EV experience.


Moreover, the three distinct variants – standard, long-range, and long-range AWD – cater to a diverse range of consumer preferences, offering varying levels of power and extended driving ranges. With the Kia EV5, Kia has taken a significant step forward in the electric SUV market, providing consumers with a compelling option that not only embraces sustainability but also enhances the driving experience. As we witness the evolution of electric vehicles, the Kia EV5 represents a promising milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable and electrified automotive future.

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