Bishal Malla’s unfortunate experience with his Tesla Model Y. 

It’s worth noting incidents of vehicle fires, regardless of the brand or model, can occur for various reasons, including manufacturing defects, accidents, or external factors. 

In such cases, the affected individual must report the incident to the vehicle manufacturer and work with them to determine the cause.


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Like any other automotive company, Tesla typically investigates incidents involving their vehicles to identify the cause and take appropriate actions. Regarding customer service experiences, it isn’t easy to generalize as they can vary from case to case. 

Customer Service

There have been instances where Tesla’s customer service has been praised, but there have also been reports of customer dissatisfaction. It’s essential to consider a range of experiences when evaluating the overall customer service of any company.

Bishal seems frustrated with his attempts to contact Tesla’s customer service through Reddit posts and comments. They claim to have made multiple phone calls to Tesla but found reaching their customer service department difficult. Additionally, they state that despite their efforts, they have not received any follow-up or check-up calls from Tesla even after two weeks.

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Malla has claimed to have experienced difficulties with roadside assistance customer service for their Tesla car. However, they have not provided evidence to support their claims beyond their statement.

Some individuals in the Twitter comment section have suggested that Malla’s issue may be with their insurance company rather than Tesla itself. Typically, when cars encounter problems or accidents, the insurance company handles vehicle transportation and determines the cause. In this case, it is unclear if Tesla provided insurance for the Model Y in question, as Malla did not mention it.


However, Malla confirmed online the insurance would cover the car, indicating they were communicating with someone about their situation. It is important to note Tesla does offer insurance, but it is still being determined whether Malla utilized Tesla’s insurance services.

Regardless of the specific circumstances of this case, it is worth mentioning that Tesla has faced criticism in the past for its customer service. This issue was significant enough that Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, reportedly redirected resources from sales and development to improve service quality.

Source: CarScoops and YouTube

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